Backup your Gmail files smoothly and reliably?

Backup your Gmail files smoothly and reliably?

Users can back up their Gmail files using this professionally tested Mailvita Gmail Backup software. The application provides users to get a qualitative result every time. There is no hurdle or any kind of problems faced by eth application while backing up their Gmail files. This Gmail Backup software provides a wide platform to all its users for backing up the Gmail files.

With this amazing Gmail Backup software, users can get an accurate result, and also it maintains the integrity of the files. In addition, the application promotes the backup of Gmail files with full accuracy. The originality of the files is maintained as it is by the tool. An effortless & efficient result is provided to the tool by the application every time. Users are able to back up their Gmail files conveniently. It is a smart utility to be used by users. In just a few clicks user’s desired result is provided by the application. With this amazing application, a direct backup of the Gmail files is provided. Moreover, the meta properties of the files are retained as it is by the application. Users can backup bulk of Gmail files with the help of this tool. Entire data including emails, messages, notes, attachments are backed up using this Gmail Backup application. It provides a wide platform for all users. At a single click, users are able to get a satisfactory result every time. Any data corruption or data leakage is not faced by the users while backing up the Gmail files. In addition, the compatibility of the application is amazing therefore users can swiftly use this amazing app in any of the Windows Operating System.

Need of backing up the Gmail files

Users need to back up the Gmail files as Gmail is a cloud-based application, therefore there is more chance of data corruption or data hacked. If users backup their Gmail files into their choice format, then users are able to keep their Gmail files safely and securely.

Key features of the application

The key features of this amazing application are provided below. Let us know about these features deeply and keenly.

  • Bulk backup: – Users can back up any amount of Gmail files with this amazing application. Entire Gmail files can be backed up by the users. There is no kind of restrictions faced by the users while backing up the Gmail files.
  • Maintains the accuracy: – Users always get an accurate result from the tool every time. Moreover, the app maintains the integrity of the application. The properties of the files are remained intact by the application using this amazing Gmail Backup tool.

Steps to back up the Gmail files

To back up, the Gmail files using this amazing Gmail Backup tool users have to follow a few steps that are provided below. These steps are easy to be followed by any users without any kind of trouble.

Step 1- Firstly install the Gmail Backup application in your Windows Operating System

Step 2- Start the app

Step 3- Authenticate yourself by entering the correct details of the email id and password of your Gmail account.

Step 4- Select the folder from which you want to take a backup

Step 5- Choose the format in which you want to take the backup of the Gmail files.

Step 6- Select the destination at which you want to save the backed-up Gmail files.

Step 7- At last, click on the “Backup Now” button

These steps can be processed by any user without facing any hurdle. Any novice users can easily backup their Gmail files without facing any hurdle. Moreover, if users have any queries or faces any kind of obligations then users can check out the screenshots of the steps.

Conclusive Statement

Every user who wants to back up their Gmail files then users should try out this amazing Gmail backup tool. This Gmail Backup application is the best platform to be used. The application does not miss a single Gmail file while backing up. For trying out the application and know about it a demo version is provided by this smart tool. The demo version is free for all users. If users want to take a backup of an unlimited amount of Gmail files, then they have to buy the licensed version of the application which will permit those to backup as many numbers of files as they want to convert because the demo version only allows a few back-ups of the Gmail files. Apart from it, the licensed version also grants a lifetime free update of the app. Professionals recommend buying the licensed version of the application afterward, first, try the demo version.

If any kind of problem is faced by the tool while converting the Outlook PST files a 24*7 hrs customer support is also provided by the tool.


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