Benefits of Installing Outdoor Security Cameras Around Your Home

Benefits of Installing Outdoor Security Cameras Around Your Home

Not too long ago, video surveillance cameras were only used by businesses, parking garages and government agencies. With current advances in technology, outdoor surveillance cameras are now easily accessible to homeowners and are no longer a drastic and expensive endeavour to take on. Security cameras are increasingly available and easy to install, making them the perfect way to boost your home security.

Here are some of the top benefits of having home surveillance cameras, as well as some must-have features that are worth investing in when choosing a security camera system right for your home.

Security Cameras Can Deter Crime

This is the greatest and most obvious benefit of having security cameras. The mere presence of security cameras and home alarm systems alone are usually enough to deter burglars from going through with the crime. In most cases, thieves will survey a home before they rob it, and if they spot cameras installed by a professional alarm system, they will most likely abort the attempt. Of course, we do not suggest using dummy cameras, as seasoned burglars can spot them easily. If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a burglary, the cameras will record the incident and help the authorities identify the perpetrators.

Security Cameras Can Aid The Police

Having cameras installed in strategic locations come in useful when a burglary does occur or if you need clarity on a series of events that have happened. Modern security cameras have the ability to not only capture high-quality video but audio as well. This is particularly helpful if you are dealing with a legal scenario where there are no trusted eye witnesses available. With a surveillance camera, the authorities can use these videos and images to see the series of events as they really unfolded and capture the culprit.

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Security Cameras Can Help You Check On Your Family

Video surveillance systems provide a live feed you can access from your mobile device, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s happening at home, even if you’re out of town. Many parents hire babysitters or nannies to watch their children while they’re away, but security cameras will give you an additional peace of mind. allow.  There are many scenarios where homeowners with children or elderly family members can take advantage of the benefits of surveillance cameras, such as:

  • Making sure your children arrived home from school safely
  • Check on your little ones when you and your spouse are away on a much-needed date night
  • Monitor your children while play in the backyard
  • Monitor elderly family members’ wellbeing and safety
  • Identify the visitor at the door when your kids are home alone

Security Cameras Allow You To Check On Your Pets

Just as you can check in on your kids and elderly using the security camera system, you can also check on your pets! Many people consider their pets as part of their family, and it can be stressful to leave them alone at home all day. Instead of hiring someone to look after them, which can be a costly expense, install a home security camera system so you can check in on how your pets are doing from work.

Security Cameras Can Give You Insurance Benefits

When making an insurance claim due to vandalism or theft, the high-definition footage from your security camera can help validate your insurance claim. Also, having a surveillance system installed can typically lead to discounts on homeowners insurance of up to 20%!

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With today’s technological advances, security cameras can now do a lot more than just recording video and audio. Here are some other powerful ways you can use a home surveillance system:

  • Increase your home’s security even further with wide angle lenses, lurker detection, night vision and two-way talk features
  • Get custom push notifications straight to your mobile device when your camera detects motion or potential threats
  • Receive an alert when a package has been delivered
  • Integrate it with a smart home system, including smart locks and smart lighting, for a seamless experience

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