Benefits & Tips for Buying 1 Crore Policy Plans

Benefits & Tips for Buying 1 Crore Policy Plans

Life from the year 2019 has been uncertain. Keeping in view the pandemic stress, the lives of other people in the deceased family remains a tragedy, especially when the deceased was the sole bread earner of the family. To cover all the unforeseen circumstances, securing the family’s mental and financial health is of utmost importance; we can rebuild lives this way and get along on our way again.

Need of 1 Crore Policy Plan

It is predicted that infectious and dangerous diseases will skyrocket along with excessive levels of medical inflation in the upcoming future, putting our financial independence in doubt, especially in medical emergencies. By buying a robust insurance plan, one can admitted oneself in an good hospital without worrying about the expenses involved, including ambulances and discharging costs. We can avail of all these benefits without any hidden cost and by paying through easy monthly installments.

Merits of investing in 1 Crore plan

  1. Need not worry about hospital expenses in case of any contingency. You can have seamless claim settlement with fully cashless hospitalization.
  2. Hassle-free procedure in case of claims and reimbursements.
  3. Tax deduction up to Rs 50,000 in case of a senior citizen; otherwise 25,000, if insured, is not a senior citizen.
  4. Nobody has to pay a hefty amount altogether. The Premium of Health Plans is as low as monthly grocery bills. Hence, no pressure on the pocket.
  5. God forbid, in case of severe medical conditions, a considerable amount can be spent in treating the illness, laboratory tests, and even organ donor cover . With such extensive coverage, these insurance policies make you truly ‘Atamnirbhar.’
  6. Even in the case of medical inflation, investing in health insurance plan is a sound financial decisio. You can cover future costs too with these plans.
  7. Not only are severe illnesses that involve extended lengthy hospital stays covered. These policies also cover costs for treatments which require staying in a hospital for a while, i.e. same-day-discharges are also covered under these health plans.

Key Factors need to keep in mind before investing in Policy Plan.

  1. How much you want to cover:- This factor needs to be considered first if the insured is suffering from any prolonged disease, any medical history, any genetic condition or advanced age issues. If you have any such chronic medical condition, then you need to ascertain how much you would need for these medical expenses in case any occurred.
  2. Whether you need to buy or look for insurance options:- It is the era of cutthroat technology. One can consider buying and even comparing different options on a phone screen or even your computer. Also, in case of a claim, one can raise the issue online and make payments for premium.
  3. Premium:- Here comes the magic. It would help if you considered opting for a policy with reasonable premium. More the insured amount, less the Premium and vice-versa.
  4. Renewal Policy:- There is no logic in buying a policy with a short tenure because diseases are more likely to occur when one is growing with age, so those policies are for a lifetime.
  5. Hospitals covered:- It should also be considered as an essential factor while choosing from the list of options if multi-specialty hospitals and reputed ones in your vicinity are covered in the policy. This helps you make the right buying decision not.
  6. Conveyance charges:- Whether the policy one is looking to consider covers ambulance charges in case of emergency along with the doctor in the ambulance and if any hidden charges are there in the policy terms and conditions after the claim is settled.
  7. Waiting Period:- With some pre-existing medical conditions and new problems, what is the waiting period for the policy so covered. Many policies have clauses that need a lock-in period or cooling-off period befoe you can make a claim. You must keep these in mind before opting in for a plan.

Why Choose us for the Health Insurance Policy?

  1. If the insured opts to make the payments via Smart Select, one can enjoy a deduction of even 15%.
  2. Unlike other insurance policy providers, we haven’t fix any minimum and maximum cap for the ICU or the room rent to give you the comforting and quality experience in the hospital to recover soon.
  3. Covers Pre & Post Hospital charges:- Our Policy plan covers four weeks Pre Hospitalization and special eight weeks post-discharge expenses at home, which is the best service in our industry we can guarantee.
  4. Additional Extra Benefit:- We want you to be fit and delicate in your life, and if our desires agree and the insured is in no need to claim anything in any year, then an additional 10% on the sum insured as a gift.
  5. Exorbitant Sum Insured:- To keep you safe and mentally healthy about the future contingencies with a higher sum insured.

Care Health Insurance Health Plans ensure the well-being of their clients even in a stressed situation of Covid-19 and other severe illnesses in a low monthly expenditure. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a health insurance policy is an essential requirement that could leave one financially dependent and not handicapped.


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