Are you in search of high-quality visuals to embed in your website, blog, or project? Shutterstock and Istockphoto are nice options for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the best free stock video and photos websites that you can use for your blog, website, or project.

As a content marketer, you would have noticed that so many websites have been launched with the purpose of offering free stock media that requires no attribution. For a lot of photographers, it is a plus,  as it allows them to gain followers, build their audience, and look for how to make money from it. For those that are looking for a better variety and higher quality visit IMHO Reviews best stock video websites.  Sites like Pexels and Unsplash have been able to provide established and even starting artists with millions of audiences that they would have not been able to get by themselves. Let us now list out the top websites that you can visit to get free photos and videos.

Best websites for free stock photos and videos

Below is our unbiased list of the best free stock video and photo websites.

#1. Vecteezy:

Vecteezy offers millions of free stock photos, stock video clips, and vector illustrations. They also offer Pro resources that require a purchase, but most of the resources at Vecteezy are free. The free license allows you to use the resource for personal or commercial projects, but you will need to provide attribution.

Why we like this website:

  • Unlike most other free photo websites, Vecteezy requires contributors to provide signed model and property releases when necessary. This provides added protection to users like yourself.

  • If you create a free account, you can organize your favorite photos, videos, and vectors into collections for easier access. You can also view your download history.

  • Vecteezy team members manually review every photo, video, and vector that is submitted, so you can be assured that you’ll find high-quality content here.


According to various researches, we can say that this company started the whole thing. It is undeniable that Unsplash is second to none of any royalty-free stock videos or photos. They have a collection of more than 150,000 photographers and more than 1 million images. This means that you will always find something new that you can use to work. One good thing about this company/website is that they usually comb through the whole submissions manually so that they will select the best images to be uploaded. So, if you need some creative inspiration, Unsplash might be the right place for you to go and it is the first choice of a vast majority of people.

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Why we like this website:

  • You can power your whole creative ambitions with this website’s library as they partner with companies like Trello and Squarespace, making use of their API.
  • The website has a Collections tab where images can easily be explored by theme


There is no way we would be mentioning the best websites for free stock photos and videos without including Pexels on the list. The whole images on this website are listed under the CC0 (Creative Commons 0) license, and this means that they are completely free for both commercial and personal use without any attribution. The only thing that makes them different from other websites like Unsplash is that they also go to other sites to scrape images.

Why we like this website:

  • Pexels have a nice blog where a variety of great artists and art are highlighted
  • If the quality of their creativity is lagging behind, they will use sheer quantity to make it up
  • They have a cool library where you can access different free-stock videos


One of the most popular websites for free stock images is Pixabay. This website also has so many free-stock videos without any strings being attached. Their products, including photos and videos, are mainly produced for marketing and business purposes, making it ideal for new and advanced content marketers.

Why we like this website:

  • Their products are not just limited to photos and videos. They also offer vector file, illustrations, and motion graphics that are ideal for websites
  • They provide their videos in MP4 formats and they offer a large range of resolutions
  • If you are looking for footage that is more specific, Pixabay is good for you. They offer niche clips that make your job easier


There is a slight difference between KaboomPics and some other free stock photos and videos websites, but the difference is good. The free photos on this website are original and they do not look as if they are some kind of traditional stock videos or photos. We are not surprised at this because Karolina, who manages the website and who is a photographer, is the one who creates the whole images that you will find on the website.

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Why we like this website:

  • Photoshoots can be used to look for contents, for example, you can just type “A businessman uses a laptop to work at home”, and you will find the whole pictures under the series
  • Their images focus on lifestyle, making it the best option for people who are in the lifestyle industry and also for companies that deal with interior designs
  • Cool touch: the website display their whole images along with a color palette and hex codes that can be downloaded together with the picture


The creator of this website is a designer and photographer and is 26 years old. This guy had all his work rejected by other stock websites, and this made him start PicJumbo. His website is now thriving as one of the best that offers several high-quality images in various themes.

Why we like this website:

  • Browsing is made easier with PicJumbo compared to most of the other websites. It categorizes images and shows plenty of examples from every single category on the website. With this, finding similar images is very easy
  • PicJumbo recommends images as there might be a cluttering in navigation


This is another great website for content marketers. Their images are free, quirky, and creative. They might not have a large variety just like other sites, but all their photos are fun and original.

Why we like this website:

  • The website offers different and quirky images. This makes it perfect for people who need different or interesting imagery
  • This website offers inspiration and creativity


This website has exceptional content that is not limited to just photographs. The free content they offer includes icons, PSD templates, illustration files, and high-resolution photos. You can only download only 5 free contents in a day. But, if you want to download more, then you will just pay a little amount of money.
Einthusan TV a Streaming site

Why we like this website:

  • The PSD mockup, illustrations, and vector files are handy for marketing agencies and designers


These are some of the best free stock video and photos websites that you can go to. You will always find creative and high-quality photos and videos.

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