Best Social Media Tips on How to Catch Instagram Stalkers

Best Social Media Tips on How to Catch Instagram Stalkers



How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Account

The meaning of socializing has changed a lot in recent years, and online interaction gained popularity. In this regard, social media platforms become the strongest virtual interaction tools in the modern lifestyle. Individuals share their best moments and experiences with a wide online web, and the best platform to do this is Instagram.

Today, having a look at someone’s private Instagram account is like reading their biography. Posts, stories, and even comments give you an idea about their personality, likes, and dislikes. For this reason, most people aim to check the Instagram profile of the person they meet. Similarly, a lot of people want to learn who clicked on their Instagram account private posts and videos and is interested in them.

From using an Instagram stalker app to checking on a follower analyzer, there are several ways to understand who views your Instagram profile and follows your life intensely. Keep reading and find out the essentials of catching a stalker in an Instagram business, personal, and public account.

See Who Views Your Instagram Profile with Third-Party Apps

Many third-party apps offer tracking services for Instagram accounts on Android and iOS devices. Users can snoop into a public or private account without being detected and track the likes, comments, and visited profiles on the social media platform. Plus, they can receive reports on who sneaked into their Instagram page and stalked their shared pictures and videos.

While finding an accurate and reliable tracker app is difficult, we did some research and listed down the two top-rated Instagram apps you can use to catch a stalker.

1. Glassagram

Glassagram is the best third-party app designed to monitor and control the social media content of Instagram users. Besides granting full access to a target account, it shows the regular visitors of your own Instagram page and exposes your secret fans or haters.

With Glassagram, it is possible to spy on an Instagram account and check who scrolls down your Instagram page and track activity. Or you may simply enter your own Instagram username into the app and get a detailed analysis of likes, comments, and followers.

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As one of the best features of the Instagram stalker app, no installation, root, or jailbreak is required. You can start your social media investigation right after registering on the website and completing the payment process. Once you log in to your account, enter the username of the Instagram profile you want to have a glance at and let the app do the rest for you.

The monthly fees of Glassagram are more advantageous when subscribed annually. It only charges you $12.49 per month to let the cat out of the bag.

The advanced tracking features of the app include the services below.

  • 100% stealth mode
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Spying on public and private profiles
  • See hot likes (when someone likes old photos)
  • Track the likes on your posts, pictures, and videos
  • See tagged photos
  • View who watched your stories and feeds

2. mSpy

mSpy is one of the best Instagram apps offering a full discreet monitoring service with valid and safe data reports. Once installed, it initiates a deep investigation into the target profile and collects every piece of information you need.

Either a follower or a stranger, mSpy pins down every activity of the person of interest on IG. It also scans your Android device or iPhone and detects any other Instagram viewer app spying on your social media account.

mSpy installation is easy and fast, and prices are affordable. Pay attention that jailbreak is required for iOS. You can see the Instagram profile views of your account with 1, 3, or 12-month subscriptions. An annual plan costs only $11.67, and registering today saves you $36.

Other Instagram viewer services mSpy offer include:

  • Live demo available
  • Anonymous Instagram story viewer
  • Track likes/dislikes of followers and stranger accounts
  • Read Direct messages
  • View the private Instagram profiles
  • Detect fake profiles and spam

How to See Who Views Your Instagram by Using Stories/Highlights

For those who do not prefer a third-party app, Instagram has some functional features for account views. They are totally free and easy to apply, and the most popular one comes with checking Instagram stories and highlights.

Stories shared on Instagram are featured for 24 hours. You can see all usernames that viewed your shared media file during this time. Just click on your story and swipe up. Highlights, on the other hand, allow you to see the viewers for the first 48 hours. Then, the whole list is removed, and no new viewer information is shared.

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By using this simple Instagram story and highlight feature, you can simply know about profiles that frequently spend time on your social media page. However, if you hold a private account and if the stalker uses an Instagram spy app, it is not possible to detect disguised profiles collecting information from your profile.

How to See Who Viewed Instagram Stories by Using Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram Business accounts provide users with extensive statistics on the audience. These metrics include information about the demographic characteristics of the individuals and analyze why people view your posts and stories on your page.

Once you switch your personal account to an Instagram business profile, you get access to detailed reports. Go to your account settings and click on “Insights”. You may also choose the time period for the data provided and narrow down your investigation.

Whether a subscribed member or not, all usernames are listed in your business account statistics, and you can see who visited your page, when, and how often. These listings are refreshed in short time periods and give you on-the-spot viewer information.


Can you see who viewed your Instagram profile to stalk your videos?

The only possible information you may get is the number of views of your Instagram videos and users who’ve liked the posts. It is also possible to see the statistics reports for business accounts.

Can you see who views your Instagram photos?

Yes. If you share your picture in an Instagram story, you have access to the viewer list for 24 hours. If it is a highlight, the username and the time of click are available for 48 hours. For a regular Instagram post, you may use mSpy or Glassagram spying apps or switch to an Instagram business account and check the audience list.

Can someone see how often you viewed their Instagram account?

Third-party apps give users full access to the online activities of a specific Instagram account private data if installed. However, no third-party app is able to provide information about the frequency, date, and time of someone’s visits to your own page. Also, Instagram business viewer analytics show individuals how often an account has been viewed.

Final Thoughts

Social media accounts are like the modern identity cards we refer to when we meet someone new, and Instagram is on top of the list. If you have a hunch about a stalker lingering in your private, public, or business account, or if you want to learn about the people interested in you, give the useful solutions offered in this review a try and access the account private data efficiently and safely.

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