FollowFormation: How to Amplify App Downloads With Instagram? 

FollowFormation: How to Amplify App Downloads With Instagram? 

In today’s technological era, app marketing plays a prominent role in the success of brands and businesses. Yes! Applications are often developed to simplify specific tasks and save time, effort, and money on the go. When an app is ready to launch, app developers need to spread the word and bring in users to accomplish their goals. 

In the early days, Instagram was just a photo-sharing application. But now, it has also become a professional network and powerful marketing channel for brands. Generally, digital marketers make use of in-app features and paid advertising techniques to promote their products and services. In addition, they buy instagram reels views to increase visibility and attract more audiences. 

Then, why not make use of it to promote your application in the global market? From a user-friendly interface to high-engaging audiences, there are plenty of benefits to reap right here. All right! Let us discuss the ideal tactics to market your application and increase the number of installs efficiently. Get set! 

6 Ideal Ways to Promote an App & Garner More Downloads Via Instagram

#1 Perfect Your Instagram Profile 

The first and foremost factor that you should consider is optimizing your Instagram profile. Make sure you are using a business account, not the Personal one, to promote your app. This is because you may miss out on specific features that are necessary for attaining your business goal on Instagram. 

Now it’s time to focus on creating a suitable bio that showcases all about your application. First, change the profile picture with a high-quality image or logo of your app. Then, remove the details you have mentioned before in the bio. It is good if you use a dedicated profile for app marketing. 

Your bio should be in such a way that it explains the launch of your application, what your app is all about, how it will help the users, and where to download it. Since bio has character limitations, give precise information. 

And here comes the crucial aspect, i.e., adding CTA and embedding the app link. Call-to-Action (CTA) has the compelling power to turn your visitors into potential users. In addition, the App link is a vital key to going through your application and downloading it on the user’s device. So, ensure your profile possess all these factors ideally. 

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#2 Keep Hands on Different Content Types

Instagram is a vast landscape where you can find a wide variety of content formats. Experiment with different types of content to reach diverse audiences without sticking to a particular aspect. Types of content that you can take advantage of to spice up your profile are Instagram feed posts, Reels, Stories, Live videos, and still more. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it meets the needs of your target audience and interests them to visit your profile for more. Creating and sharing valuable content will bring new audiences to your profile and let them know about the availability of your app. Besides, leverage FollowFormation to boost your profile reach and maximize content visibility in an instant. 


#3 Harness the Power of Hashtags & CTA


Remember that the main objective of your Instagram marketing is to call people for action to increase installs for your application. Will it be possible if you to post only images or videos on your profile? That’s rare! You can make it when you combine your content with a brief caption that ends with CTA in all posts. So that interested audiences will perform mentioned actions, thus positively impacting your success. 


#4 Run Ad Campaigns for App Downloads


Paid advertising is a great boon for marketers to attain their business goals in a short span of time. After investing your time and effort in organic campaigns, if you feel that the final outcome is insufficient, then paid advertising will help you. 


An interesting part of Instagram marketing is that there are several ad types that you can utilize to bring better results. Consider your marketing objective, target audience, and budget while planning to run ad campaigns for app installs. The standard Instagram ad types are given below. 


  • Image Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Carousel Ads 

  • Explore Ads

  • Stories Ads 

  • Shopping Ads

  • Collection Ads and more. 

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Apart from these types of Instagram ads, you can also try out FollowFormation to increase engagement and increase the chance of appearing in more users’ feeds in less time. 


#5 Seek the Support of Influencers 


Influencer marketing is always the best idea when it comes to promoting a product or service in a niche market. Though it requires minimal investment to partner with a reputed influencer, you will get decent followers of your profile and increase downloads for your application.


All you need to do is hunt for niche-related influencers with a large number of engaging followers. Then, pick the best influencer and communicate with them to let them know your need. Once everything is ready, ask the respective influencer to review your app and post content by mentioning your account or sharing the app link on their profile. Consequently, the number of downloads will be increased in a gradual manner.  

#6 Conduct Referral Programs / Giveaways 


Top-notch brands go with conventional marketing approaches like Giveaways, Contests and Referral programs. The reason behind this is people fall for freebies, discounts, and offers. Determine what your audience would like to participate in and host programs accordingly. 


Promote your program with Instagram, influencers, or paid advertising methods. For example, request audiences to bring in their friends or family to download your app. In return, present them with a gift, discount, in-app credits, or referral fee. In this way, you will gain new audiences and get a chance to turn them into your end-users. 


In Conclusion 


Instagram will remain the best marketing platform in the social media world. Hence it would be a great tool to promote your application, enhance engagement, and increase in-app purchases. Avail the support of professional digital marketers or do it yourself based on the buyer’s journey. A perfect marketing strategy will raise your app’s awareness and drive downloads on Instagram for sure. 

Cheers to taking your app in front of huge audiences and garnering more app installs! 

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