Can Com.Facebook.Orca Recover Your Lost FB Messages?

Can Com.Facebook.Orca Recover Your Lost FB Messages?

It might happen that after deleting your Facebook messages, you have realized the importance of gallery or data of the same. Also, this can happen accidentally at any time. Now, you are searching for how to recover your lost FB messages; then you are reading the right blog!

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms all over the world. And lots of important chats and conversations take place on this platform. In reality, you cannot undo your actions, but on Facebook, you can, such as recovering your deleted messages.

Today, advanced data recovery tools have made our life much easier and convenient. And one of such tools is ‘Com.Facebook.Orca’, which is a Facebook Messenger folder that includes data for that app.

What Is Com.Facebook.Orca?


If you are thinking that Facebook.orca is an application that you need to download or install on your device, then let me tell you that you are absolutely mistaken! Com.Facebook.orca is not a URL, application, or malware.

Actually, this is a basic folder that is generic and this always stays in your device’s File Messenger when you download Messenger on your device. At the same time, the main objective of this folder is to save all data files, videos, audios, images, cookies, cache, and plugins.

There are very few individuals who know about this discovery and I am glad that you are one of those luckiest ones who are going to recover your deleted Facebook messages.

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Can Com.Facebook.Orca Be Deleted?

You can never delete this folder permanently. However, if you wish, you can disable it temporarily. Facebook.orca is always renewed as a folder whenever you launch Facebook Messenger.

On the other hand, this folder is very important because it is required by the Facebook app to collect crucial information in the backup. Com.Facebook.orca makes every task very easy and makes sure that you can recover all the messages after you delete them accidentally.

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages On Computer

There is a slight difference in the steps of recovering deleted messages on a computer and a mobile device. Now, let’s not make you wait any further; here are some of the steps to recover Facebook deleted messages on the computer.

  • Connect your tablet or mobile, whatever you are using, to your computer. Use a USB cable for this purpose.
  • Go to ‘File Explorer’ or ‘My Computer.’
  • Double click on your device
  • Double click on the Internal Storage folder
  • Open the database folder.
  • Locate Com.Facebook.orca and click on the same.
  • Click on the cache folder to recover your deleted messages.
  • Uninstall FB Messenger App and reinstall without signing.
  • Again, login to your Facebook Messenger Account.

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages On Mobile/Tablet

Recovering Facebook deleted messages on mobile/tablet is far easy and straightforward to understand. So, follow the below steps to restore your deleted messages.

  • Go to the File Explorer of your device. You can use a third party application as the file explorer.
  • In the file explorer, you will see the storage location of your device. However, if the storage location is Phone Storage, then go to this, and if the storage location is SD Card then navigate to it.
  • Click on the Android folder.
  • Then, open the data folder.
  • There you will find Cache and you can proceed to open that particular folder.
  • Then you will see fb_temp and that you can copy
  • After following the above steps, you can uninstall the Facebook Messenger App from your device.
  • After installing the app, you can go to the cache folder
  • Paste fb_temp in the Cache folder.
  • Now, login to the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Soon you will observe that all your chats or conversations are restored.
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Will Com.Facebook.Orca Harm Your Device?

If you think that Facebook.orca will harm your device, this is not the case at all. This is actually a folder that will appear on your device once you install Facebook Messenger.

However, if you delete this folder, then it will reappear automatically when you activate Facebook Messenger. Now, the next question is, what kinds of data you can restore with Pname Facebook orca. You can easily recover all deleted files, pictures, and messages with this folder.

The Final Thoughts

Using com.Facebook.orca is one of the best ways to recover your deleted Facebook messages easily. Hence, consider the above-listed steps to recover your deleted messages on Messenger.

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