Bundesliga to Get Back to Normal Schedule Next Season

Bundesliga to Get Back to Normal Schedule Next Season

The Bundesliga is Germany’s top tier football league. It is watched by thousands of people in Germany, and perhaps tens, if not hundreds of thousands from around the world. Next to the English Premier League, French Ligue 1, and Spain’s La Liga, the Germany Bundesliga is among the most popular football league in the world.

But, as we all know, the World Cup always takes precedence over national football leagues. So, the German Bundesliga went on a break on November 14. The players participating in the national Germany team were released so they can attend the World Cup matches. Of course, this year the World Cup is taking place in Qatar. Fans and bettors are gathering out of the woodworks to place bets on their favorite sport. If you are such a person, take a look at our recommended sports betting apps list, for the best online betting experience possible.

However, if you are disinterested in the World Cup, and only want to watch Germany’s Bundesliga, rejoice. The Bundesliga is scheduled to come back very soon.

Bundesliga to Come Back in January

The 2022/23 season has certainly been hectic for the Bundesliga. The World Cup interfered with their winter break, meaning that the teams have essentially gotten an extended winter vacation. The fans will have to wait quite a bit before they get the new matches of the Bundesliga.

The final matches, before the World Cup departure, were played on November 12. Then, the national team departed, and the Bundesliga had to be put on hold. However, Germany did not do all too well at the World Cup. And the team has unexpectedly returned back home. Just in time for the winter break.

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However, there is nothing to worry about. The return of the Bundesliga has been scheduled already. A new batch of matches is going to be taking place on January 20, 2023. In other words, the event will continue shortly after the holidays. Giving all the fans enough time to celebrate with friends and family, without having to worry about the scores.

What’s more the German Soccer Federation announced on Friday that next season, the Bundesliga will go on without a hitch. They are hoping to give fans a better, more streamlined experience next time around, so let’s find out exactly what has been said.

Bundesliga Back to Normal Next Season

The 2022/23 season was an anomaly. Under ordinary circumstances, the World Cup is held in the summer, before the start of the national football season. However, this time around, Qatar insisted on the changes. So, the national league’s had to take a break, so the national teams could represent the country.

While everyone is enthralled by the World Cup, many fans of the Germany national league were sorely disappointed. Well, for those of you who are, we are here to say: Don’t worry. Next year, the Bundesliga will be back on track.

The German Soccer Federation has not only promised that the Bundesliga will start on July 28, 2023, but that it will go uninterrupted (except for the Winter holidays), until May 18, 2024. On top of that, they’ve already released the schedule.

But, that isn’t all we have to look forward to in 2023/24. Rumors are circulating that the Bundesliga, as well as many other national leagues, may use cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience of the fans, players, and even the bettors. So, if you are disappointed with this season’s league, have no fear. The German soccer federation has plans to improve every aspect of the game starting next season.

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