Business Analyst’s POV on the Global E-Gaming Market

Business Analyst’s POV on the Global E-Gaming Market

There is so much happening around gaming that the companies are hiring professionals certified by the top Business Analytics Courses to tell them about the best online pricing models, competitor strategies, product launch date, and interactive gaming libraries to attract players from all age groups and sections of the society.

With Big Data and Analytics, it isn’t hard to guess why every industry is really after adopting these applications at an epic proportion across all their departments. From simply running automated Business Intelligence dashboards to managing the trading inventory options, there are over 1500+ (maybe even more) business analytics projects that involve direct use of Big Data and Insights. But, one industry has been shielding its growth in this highly volatile economy — and for all the good reasons, the stealth growth has done more good than harm to its reputation.

In this article, we will discuss one of the business analytics’ biggest markets – GAMING!

Imagination is a Priceless Commodity

Game developers are taking Python coding to a whole new level to design AI ML tool kits for gaming deep learning reinforcements.

Would you believe, it was only in 2018 that the first selfie based highly individualized virtual player was created?

The gaming platforms have evolved at a crazy pace in the last 5-6 years. From simple board games to E Gaming consoles, to AR VR and Immersive experiences, the gaming industry’s future is hard to chart from its current posture. However, laced with BI and Business Analytics, gaming experts feel the next internet bubble would be Online Gaming-based Big Data.

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How Gaming Analytics Work?

Gaming analytics can be applied to multi-player games as well as AR VR-based real-time social media games. While there are a whole new bunch of video gaming options sprouting in the mobile applications-based eGaming segment, the most unconventional gaming format has to be the ones coming with photo-realistic interactions based on Augmented Intelligence primarily set up with the Non-player characters (NPCs).

The gaming companies track gamer’s behavior, sentiment, and thousands of other personalized data points based on interactions with the gaming platform at all stages. Some leading experts call gaming analytics as a perpetual machine that keeps throwing up new customer data analytics and behavioral touch points in an “Always ON” Mode.

But, how exactly does the gaming market benefits from business analytics tools?

By 2025, the video gaming industry alone would generate close to 300 billion American dollars– nearly 40% of all Software-based products’ revenues. It’s currently an industry that is ricocheting off the values of great AI adoption and machine learning refinements, promoted on top of Cloud software suites. Yes, that’s right.

50% of the total gamers around the world play their preferred games on a device connected to the internet. 4 out of 10 in these gamers groups belong to the age groups of 15 years and 40 years.

63% are males, while the rest are females. Despite the gaming zone completely a male-dominated arena, we are witnessing a rise in female-oriented gaming arcades online. The Xboxes, PlayStations, and other popular gaming consoles are still in motion, running on supercharged AI and virtualized processors.

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Who leads the E-Gaming Business Analytics Race?

We have grown up with names like EA Sports (Electronic Arts), NVIDIA, Nintendo, SEGA, Hasbro, Gameloft, Logitech, Tectoy, TTWO, and so on. Today, these companies have successfully made a cross over into the BI side of the business, partnering with one or other Cloud and AI services companies like Microsoft, Google, Tencent, Facebook, SAP, Amazon, HP, Dell EMC, and Oracle. Almost 75% of the eGaming business is heavily influenced by the Business Analytics developments in the fields of AI, Computer Vision, NLP, Speech to Text, GPU Animation, and so on.

Gamers are remastering the art of warzone and strategic missions, thanks to real-time battlefield formations proposed by AI advisors and commanders. While most eGaming companies are trying to modify their popular games with revitalized mission scenarios and character detailing, it’s the box office revenue associated with the games that have truly taken the “game” away from traditional single-player formats.

Reason: Business Analytics course reveals that eCommerce is the driving force in gaming, where a gamer is more than willing to share personal data in return for gaming points, discount codes for shopping, and loyalty bonuses on his favorite gaming merchandise.

So, the era of gaming is truly a vibrant one. Cloud gaming is the Future of every video game.

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