Class 12 Chemistry: How to practice Organic Chemistry

Class 12 Chemistry: How to practice Organic Chemistry
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Organic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the structure, reactions, and arrangement of compounds that contain carbon. Organic chemistry covers hydrocarbons (a compound containing only hydrogen and carbon), and compounds containing carbon and other elements like oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur etc. It also covers compounds made of carbon and metals. Carbon is the basic building block of life; thus, organic chemistry is an important part of chemistry as it contains learning about life and the reactions pertinent to life. Organic chemistry contributes to approximately 28 marks in the CBSE class 12 examination and requires thorough knowledge and practice. Some important parts and chapters of organic chemistry are- Nomenclature of organic compounds, Alkanes, Alkalynes, Isomerism, Inductive effect, Oxidation of Alkenes, Ozonolysis and many more.

How to practice organic chemistry?

In organic chemistry, it is more important to understand the concepts and formulae, rather than to learn everything in a rote manner. Being able to apply logic is essential for practicing organic chemistry. You should try and begin your preparation as early as possible and cover every chapter slowly and thoroughly. Here are some tips by which you can have in-depth knowledge and cover everything efficiently.

  • The first step towards preparing for your next chemistry exam is to get yourself familiar with the syllabus material and to collect all the required books.
  • It is best to prepare a timeline of when and how you want to complete all the chapters and you should strictly adhere to it for best results. Keep in mind that learning formulae would take a major chunk of your time, so it is best to keep some additional time for practicing the concepts. You should be particular with your studies and should make sure that you complete your work according to the set timetable
  • If you are not good at chemistry or find it tedious to understand and learn, it is advisable to start as early as possible and try to understand and practice each concept.
  • Organic chemistry contains a handful of concepts and formulae which requires serious concentration. It is best to put as much time as possible into understanding the syllabus which will facilitate the memorizing process. 
  • Along with your NCERT chemistry book, refer to books from other authors as well. Doing so will help you to make sure that all concepts are covered. 
  • Try solving all problems from your NCERT textbook and other books as well. You can get the upper hand only if you practice the concepts and questions regularly. Assess your answers by referring to Vedantu NCERT solution class 12 chemistry. It will also provide you with detailed answers and explanations for all questions. 
  • You can find detailed videos of almost all the concepts on the internet. Watching these lecture videos, helps you to understand the concepts better and clarify your doubts through practical and logical analysis.
  • Most students tend to skip the initial chapters of the textbook, stating them as futile and unnecessary. It is important to understand that the initial chapters of organic chemistry are as important as the others as they will help you in making your foundation and will also help in clearing out the basics.
  • This part of chemistry contains a lot of compounds. Knowing the structures of these compounds will solve half of your worries as that will help in understanding the reactions of the compounds. This skill will help you in solving complex problems with ease. 

All the tips mentioned above are necessary for you to learn and understand Organic chemistry. However, these tips are of no use till the time you don’t have a proper studying routine and manner. Here are some of the tips, that will help you in creating the perfect study routine and will enable you to work harder and more efficiently:

  • Firstly, as mentioned above, having a proper timetable and being able to follow it diligently will help you to work efficiently and will ensure that your work gets completed on time.
  • It is important for you to identify your studying time during the day, where you feel the most motivated and do not have a lot of distractions, whether it’s during the day or in the evening and should prepare your timetable accordingly. It is essential for you to also incorporate regular intervals and breaks during study hours to give your mind a break. During this time, you should not engage in other activities which would divert your mind a lot, like playing video games. Try going for a walk in the park or doing easy activities like painting or playing an instrument. By doing this, you will feel motivated and not distracted and will be able to get back to your study with a refreshed mood. A fresh mood will also help in learning the concepts more effectively.
  • It is important to give equal weightage to the theory part as well as solving problems. Focusing on one more than the other will not help in mastering the subject. You should understand and learn the formulae and then apply your knowledge in solving questions. 
  • Organic chemistry has a lot of structures and compounds. Making diagrams and charts will help you in memorising the syllabus more effectively.
  • You should make notes of all the important formulae and compound structures which will help you in bringing together all the important stuff together and will make your revisions faster and easier. Writing and learning is also an effective way of learning new concepts and subjects.
  • Solve as many problems as you can from the NCERT book and books from other authors as well. Try and solve previous year’s exam papers and see if you can solve every problem. You should try to time yourself and see if you are able to complete the exam paper within the stipulated time.
  • And lastly, try to sit in a quiet room away from all distractions with a fresh mind.


Organic chemistry, though being an essential part of chemistry, is easy to learn if you try to understand the concept. Go through the NCERT book and solve all the questions. Attempt previous year’s exam papers and clear out all your doubts with your Chemistry teacher. If you are able to abide by the tips mentioned above, then you can understand and score high marks in organic chemistry very easily.



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