Custom Patio Umbrellas: A Long-term Brand Promotion Tool

Custom Patio Umbrellas: A Long-term Brand Promotion Tool

What makes a brand promotion tool practical and effective? It has to have all the below-mentioned attributes.

  1. It should be able to reach a large audience easily.
  2. It shouldn’t cost you a fortune.
  3. It should serve a practical purpose.
  4. It should last long.

One product that ticks all the boxes as the ideal brand promotional tool is the branded patio umbrella. Let’s see why.

A Practical and Cost-effective Accessory

The practicality of the branded patio umbrella is well known. It protects you and your guests from the harmful UV radiations and the occasional showers so that you can enjoy the summer sun without having to worry about anything. Printed patio umbrella manufacturers like Flare Shade use high quality acrylic fabrics like Spanish Recasens and Italian Para Tempotest to manufacture their umbrella canopies so that you can stay safe in their shade.

Patio umbrellas are also easy to install and uninstall. They are unlike permanent shade solutions that require a lot of time, money and skilled manpower for installation. You can easily assemble a branded patio umbrella wherever you want and move it to other places as well. When not in use, these outdoor umbrellas can be disassembled and stored away. And they don’t need a lot of care! Just keep them clean and store in a cool dry place.

Another brilliant and practical feature of the patio umbrella is its ability to transform your patio into a chill-zone for your guests. Look at all the cafes that have printed patio umbrellas installed in their sidewalks. Won’t you enjoy a tasty brunch or a cool drink in the shade of a beautiful patio umbrella? We love spending time in the outdoors. Hence, restaurants that have outdoor seating arrangements are highly sought-after. By investing a little bit of your money on branded patio umbrellas you can transform an unutilised outdoor space into a lounge for your guests.

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The practicality of your patio umbrella doesn’t end here. It can work wonders on your patio-décor as well. Outdoor spaces like sidewalks and poolside patios look gorgeous under the shade of beautifully designed printed patio umbrellas. The design cues of a modern furniture setup are accentuated in the presence of new-age shade solutions like the cantilever umbrella. In fact, renovating your patio is fun and easy with the branded patio umbrella.

Stand out in the crowd

Outdoor umbrella manufacturers like Flare Shade give their customers a whole bunch of bespoke services to choose from. You can have your brand logo printed on your umbrella canopy, choose your favourite colours, and even go for a bespoke canopy design replete with a two-tiered top and a scalloped valance. All these options help you create a look and feel unique to your brand. Is your competition doing the same?

Once your patrons begin to identify with your brand, word-of-mouth publicity transforms your business into a favourite destination for new customers. The promotional patio umbrella does all this for you at an affordable price range. You don’t have to worry about big promotional budgets. Just let your fashion sense do the talking and rely on the outdoor umbrella manufacturer to deliver.

Your branded patio umbrella is essentially your portable billboard. Take a look at all the other commonly used inexpensive marketing materials like mugs, keychains, branded garments, ball-pens etc. None of these items give you the large canvas that the canopy of a patio umbrella provides. Use it to announce your brand to the world.

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Create the ambience and spread the word

We know how people love outdoor cafes. If you give your guests the ambience they are looking for, they will love to spend time in your café. The branded patio umbrella gives your guests all the safety and comfort they are looking for while they enjoy the outdoor weather.

Conversations over coffee and dinner dates in starry evenings become more engaging under the shade of the lovely outdoor umbrellas. If you can complement these fantastic accessories with an ambient lighting setup, you end up creating a lasting impression in your guests’ minds. One satisfied patron brings in many more customers. Watch your business grow many folds thanks to the branded patio umbrella.

A durable product

Outdoor umbrellas are manufactured from extremely durable materials. Take for instance the X100 Series Square and Y100 Series Octagonal from Flare Shade. These umbrellas are built to last! The extruded aluminium frames and high quality acrylic canopies can withstand the elements for years on end. Your investment is secure with the patio umbrellas. They aren’t expensive and return excellent value for money.


The branded patio umbrella is one of the best long-term brand promotion tools that money can buy. It is really a boon for business owners looking to promote their brands on a limited budget. If you are a business owner and want people to know about your business, consider installing the promotional patio umbrella in your outdoor space.

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