Do Bitcoin Miners Ruin Our Planet

Do Bitcoin Miners Ruin Our Planet

Bitcoin is the first-ever successful cryptographic cash as there were several digital currency models before bitcoin, but none of them acquired popularity as of bitcoin. The prominent reason is that bitcoin is an exceedingly technical potential currency equipped with all sorts of robust technologies.

Bitcoin mining is the main element of the bitcoin complex. Without bitcoin mining, the supply of bitcoin cannot be sustained, and Bitcoin mining progression cannot be correspondingly processed by a low-end computer source at the instance due to an exceeding extent of difficulty of bitcoin mining.

The Peer Peer network of bitcoin helps bitcoin in achieving political independence, just hassle-free. Bitcoin mining consumes an enormous amount of electricity; the consumption of electricity led by bitcoin mining is correspondingly equivalent to the energy consumption of some explicit region.

As per the robust sources that if bitcoin was a country, it would have appeared in the top 30 countries consuming electricity. There is a link in Bitcoin Prime which can help you in getting profitable results in your bitcoin expedition.  The energy consumption of bitcoin, especially electricity, has correspondingly enhanced the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission, which have alleged the bitcoin miners for ruining the planet, but the only query is that bitcoin miners ruin our planet or not. Let’s have a look.

Electricity Consumption of Bitcoin Mining!

Bitcoin mining consumes an extra amount of energy undeniably; the electricity consumption of bitcoin mining has halted the milestone of 120 TWh per year as per the robust sources, the milestone of 120 TWH. The fact might amaze you that bitcoin mining is possible from every possible energy source, but bitcoin miners merely consume electricity for mining bitcoin as electricity is the utmost accessible form of energy which requires no resources to be invested at the very first instance of utilization.

Green House gas emission of bitcoin mining

The formation of electricity is merely lead by the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal. The burning of fossil fuels to produce an extreme amount of electricity has correspondingly emitted a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gas emission led by the bitcoin mining progression is responsibly inclining the temperature of the earth single-handedly.

The fact might amaze you that if bitcoin mining sustains in this similar manner, the bitcoin mining activities single-handedly can incline the temperature of global warming by two units in three decades; yes, you read it right. You might be wondering that traditional banking systems consume more electricity than bitcoin, then why is everyone just addressing the energy consumption led by bitcoin mining.

Traditional banking systems consume more than 200TWH per year, but you must be familiar with the fact that these banking methods were present across the globe since the very first glance, and the consumption of electricity of these banking methods has inclined slowly and steadily.

On the other hand, bitcoin arrived in the mainstream market in 2011, and in just ten years, the electricity consumed while processing a transaction in the bitcoin complex has reached 72 TWH, and you can estimate the pace of inclination of electricity consumption and its toll on the environment in the upcoming years.

The fact might amaze you that if bitcoin mining continues in a similar manner for just three years. The electricity consumption of bitcoin mining will halt the electricity consumption of traditional banking systems present across the globe.

Do Bitcoin Miners Ruin Our Planet?

The only concerning query at the instance is that bitcoin mining is ruining our planet or not. Actually, bitcoin mining is not ruining our planet at all. Subsequent to the controversial aspect of bitcoin mining and banning the progression of bitcoin mining is several regions have led bitcoin miners to complex their mining plants on green energy.

A few months back, there were only 35% of bitcoin mining plants that were complexed on a renewable source of energy. However as per the latest reports of the bitcoin mining council, there are more than 50% bitcoin mining plants complexed on renewable source of energy such as solar power, hydropower and many more, all the more if the bitcoin mining plants continues to grow on the similar route, bitcoin mining will utterly harmless in a nominal range of time.

To sum up, bitcoin mining does not ruin our planet.


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