EdTech Tools for Making Online Exam in 2022

EdTech Tools for Making Online Exam in 2022

EdTech – Education Technology served to provide education effectively in times when the world was forced to shut down. The pandemic forced the closure of all educational sectors. EdTech provided students with online courses to keep them on track. To emphasize, Education Technology developed technological tools for making online exams and for other purposes. The tools facilitated both students and teachers both.

5 Best Tools to Create Online Exams in 2022

Technological advancement has gifted us so many tools for our comfort and luxury. Notably, EdTech gifted teachers and students with tools to create online exams, attend online classes, get admissions or enroll in online courses, etc.

There are a lot of software for the creation of online exams; the choice becomes difficult. Meanwhile, let us forget the year 2021 and look for the best tools to create online exams in 2022. The guide will make it easy to choose.

1. ExamSoft

ExamSoft is an advanced assessment platform making the creation and process of exams simple. The tool promotes online exams with its secure and AI-based assessment software. Being that, it is easy to use, demoting online class help platforms. It collects data from the assessments of students and generates a report, suggesting areas of improvement.

In fact, ExamSoft AI is powered with anti-cheat measures, disabling Wi-Fi for other tabs of students attempting the assessment or exam. Moreover, it has ID authentication and live video-audio conferencing while students perform the assessment. Creating, managing, and grading exams and other assessments was never this easy, thanks to ExamSoft for its robust features that even offer tips for any improvement in the exam.

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2. ProProfs Exam Maker

ProProfs is one of the top leading online exam-creating software with cloud-based technology to incorporate other teachers for assessing students. The software lets you create online exams, quizzes, tests with appealing and interactive user interfaces. Thus, easy to navigate.

ProProfs is famous for its design and custom layouts, making exams and quizzes more engaging. Besides, it offers insights and analytics on students’ performance with feedback.

3. Test Invite

Students have help with online exams from others, a common setback with the online examination method. Technology serves everybody. On one hand, served students with online class help platforms. And on the other hand, served teachers with tools to prevent cheating while doing the online exam. Test Invite is the best tool to prevent cheating.

Test Invite prevents cheating by online exam proctoring with webcam and screen recording. It is opened in a full-screen mode, restricting students to open any other window or tab other than Test Invite. To point out, Test Invite is full of features such as shuffle questions, grading, generating reports or certificates, math editor, the code editor, and much more!

4. Think Exam

Think Exam offers a rich user interface that makes online exam creation and conducting process smooth and secure. The powerful AI proctoring software of Think Exam ensures anti-cheat measures, freezing the screen to avoid external online exam help.

Think Exam is designed to create exams of any level of education and provide learning management solutions to students and teachers. It tracks the performance of every student and offers solutions with detailed report cards.

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5. Socrative

Socrative is one tool for creating online exams, quizzes, and tests. It is well-known for providing instant feedback to teachers and students on their performance in exams or quizzes. It lets teachers create personalized assessments and activities to make the understanding of students easier.

Uniquely, Socrative offers fun assessments that encourage friendly competition among students. Socrative turns any assessment into an interactive fun activity, making students enjoy their academics.

All these tools and software offer a free trial to have a demo of their features. One way or another, the implementation of these tools is essential to improve learning and enhance the method of taking online exams or assessments.


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