Ensure your business processes run smoothly, regardless of Oracle Cloud updates with continuous testing

Ensure your business processes run smoothly, regardless of Oracle Cloud updates with continuous testing
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Businesses across the globe, regardless of size and industry, are migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers are no exception to this as OCI offers more consistent performance and better features at lower costs. When organizations make the shift to Oracle Cloud, they get access to a range of award-winning SaaS solutions that streamline their business processes. Businesses get huge benefits from migrating to Oracle cloud since it is constantly being improved through Oracle’s Quarterly Updates. With Oracle quarterly updates, customers get new features, enhancements and previous release bug-fixes. The updates are mandatory to be applied and enforced on a scheduled date that cannot be altered unless a special request is made to Oracle.

With benefits, Oracle quarterly updates also bring challenges. Oracle Cloud customers need to understand the impact of the upcoming new release on their current business processes to ensure a seamless upgrade. However, the test timing window is just two week, making it challenging for the users who don’t have the experience of SaaS solutions. Since the time period window for quarterly patch application in Test instance and production is just two weeks, the customers need to complete testing, analyse the results, and raise issues with Oracle, if any within these two weeks.

Summarizing the key challenges faced by Testing/ QA Teams for Oracle Cloud Quarterly Releases

  • Quarterly Cloud releases means that customers need to perform regression testing at least 4 times/ year
  • Customers need to perform regression testing all critical business processes during 2-week test window
  • Manual testing in unfeasible and inaccurate due to limited overall test coverage
  • The scope of manual testing is limited. So, there are chances of errors and inaccuracies.
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Automated Testing – Ensuring Hassle-free Oracle Cloud Application Maintenance

Not only is manual testing inaccurate and time consuming but can also impact business continuity due to limited testing coverage, human errors, and its inability to scan and identify patterns impacting performance. Enterprises are facing major challenges with testing their cloud applications should opt for test automation. It will increase overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality. One of the key advantages associated with automated testing is that it can be implemented with minimal effort and ensures maximum accuracy. Other advantages include faster feedback, accelerated results, lower costs, greater efficiency, and broader coverage. Test automation ensures that complex test cases can be executed quickly to offer wider coverage.

Stay ahead of the curve with OpKey

OpKey is a Continuous Oracle Cloud Testing Platform that enables Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customers to leverage test automation to take full advantage of continuous innovation being delivered by cloud. As a globally recognized test automation platform for Oracle EBS, OpKey dramatically reduces testing time and efforts while offering better test coverage to reduce defects.

With OpKey accelerator for Oracle EBS, organizations can dramatically reduce testing time by up to 80 percent. For Oracle HCM, OpKey provides 750+ Test Cases based on 500+ reusable libraries. For financial module, OpKey offers 400+ Test cases with 175+ reusable libraries. SCM, Project Cloud and Procurement Cloud, OpKey provides 350+ Test cases, ensuring faster deployment and accelerated ROI. OpKey helps you to replace “Test everything” approach with a risk-based approach. AI based OpKey’s “hot spot” strategy is based on detailed risk analysis. OpKey quickly automates the “Right tests” and delivers immediate visibility to impacted objects, their production usage, test coverage, code quality impact and defect identification and its change tasks. OpKey saves Oracle Cloud customers hundreds of hours of effort by validating reports data in minutes, looking at thousands of tables/rows to ensure data integrity post any change. OpKey perfectly fits in to your Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migration testing strategy as it gets ready from DAY1 and also makes maintenance of test scripts a breeze with its Self-Healing technology.

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