A steel wire is probably the most widely used and yet the least talked about piece of construction work. Now there are several reasons why it is not being talked about by a majority of people barring those who are in the business of manufacturing steel fixing wires or are occasionally acting as a consumer. To change that, the following set of information about the five amazing uses of steel wire has been shared. So without wasting your time, let’s get right into it!


A steel wire is used in a variety of construction works to meet different requirements. For example, the most common use of a steel wire in construction is when the prestressed strands of steel wires are joined together and then fitted inside a concrete slab to make sure that the slab does not have to experience any kind of stress which might hamper the quality of the overall structure. Apart from that, thick steel wires and other alloys of iron are used to construct rods which are exemplary tools to support a structure.


The circular rings of processed rubber are prepared only after a steel wire is inserted inside it in such a way that the tyre will remain in shape no matter how much stress, pressure or tension it has to undergo. You must have seen steel wires emerging from a tyre when someone in your locality will burn one in the winter season. The steel wires used in tyres do not belong to some ordinary grade and they are prepared with a really fine quality of steel.


A number of steel wire manufacturers in India are making their living based on this use of steel wires. Barbed wires are used for the purpose of providing additional security to your houses, farms, offices and educational institutions. Barbed wires are arranged precisely around the boundary of an establishment and you do not have to press a button to make them work.


Conductor armouring is the process of aiding the conductor strands with steel to provide them the extra support which is needed to withstand all the external factors such as stress, sag, tension, etc. Steel is considered to be one of the best materials for this purpose.


The shock absorbing property of a steel wire can be attributed to its physical and mechanical properties such as high tensile strength and high elasticity. It is because of these properties that they are used to construct a large number of spring wires which are often referred to as induction tempered wires.

It is not a crime to not know about the uses of the steel wires, but not wanting to know about them will count as one. One could never know what knowledge will become useful to them in the near future and that is why, they should always keep learning something new about some rather unusual things such as a steel wire.


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