The top 5 explainer video production examples that can help you with your next project

The top 5 explainer video production examples that can help you with your next project
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Businesses that want to boost their marketing potential need to use new tools so they can increase the likelihood that customers will positively respond to their new creation. Let’s see some common examples of marketing tools that can be used by businesses during their next project.

Top 5 explainer video production tools

2D Animation Videos

One of the best explainer video production tools that you can use to help with your next project is 2D animation videos. A 2D animation video can easily tell your clientele and future customers what your brand is about in a clear, concise, and easy to understand way. Since videos are a visual project that creates a deeper level of understanding than just words or speaking, they can easily convey messages that would be more difficult to explain with another medium.  You can boost your product’s recognition and sales with high-quality video production by expert team of Creative Triplet.

Furthermore, a 2D animation video keeps customers engaged for a longer time than just reading paragraph after paragraph about your company’s ethos and goals. Since a 2D video can be either funny, informative, and a mixture of both you can ensure that your message is never lost on the viewer.

  • Bring your idea to the screen – One of the benefits of having a 2D animation video is being able to bring your creative idea to the big screen. Since you can bring your idea to life, you can easily show and explain to your client how your business works, ensuring you have a greater chance of sealing the deal.
  • Easy to understand – the second benefit of using a 2D animation video is that it is easy to understand and clear to depict. If you have a concept that you want to convey, you will be able to easily portray this through animated videos.
  • Promote your brand – the third benefit of a 2D animation video is being able to easily promote your brand digitally. By using a unique video, you can market your products, services, and business as a whole.
  • Communicate – the last benefit of using 2D animation videos for a video production tool is being able to easily communicate with your clients, customers, and other partners in your industry.
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Motion Graphics

The second explainer video production tool that you can use to convey your business and ethos is motion graphics. Motion graphics include animation, designs, and footage that can be connected using audio to create a film to help thoroughly explain your ideas.

  • Cost-effective – one of the main benefits of using motion graphics as an explainer video production tool is the cost savings that you will have compared to other marketing methods. Motion graphics are simple, easy, and inexpensive to create.
  • Visually appealing – the second benefit of motion graphics is the visually appealing nature of this marketing method. Instead of just text or speaking, you can use motion graphics to get your point across in an attractive way.
  • Shareable – the next benefit of using this explainer video production method is that motion graphics are easily shareable since you can easily just share the link to your graphics via social media, email, and much more.

Kinetic typography

The third type of explainer video production tool that you can use to boost your brand awareness and marketing potential is kinetic typography. This kind of typing makes an otherwise static text change into moving and exciting text. Instead of just reading a boring paragraph, kinetic typography animates the text to make it synchronized, movable, and organized. Instead of having a haphazard presentation that can make you lose a deal or lose clients, use kinetic typography to improve the aesthetic of your brand.

  • Attention-grabbing – one of the main benefits of this explainer video production method is that it is eye-catching, attractive, and engaging to everyone who watches.
  • Widely used – the second benefit of kinetic typography is that it is widely used all across the world and in various business sectors, such as with business websites, social media pages, and much more.
  • Convert to animated video – typography can also be converted to an animated video so you can combine two marketing tools in one!
  • Increases traffic flow – the next benefit of using kinetic typography is that it boosts traffic flow to the webpages and the dynamic text instead of other places where customers may lose their attention.
  • Well received- the final benefit of using kinetic typography as a type of creative video production tool is that it is well-received by the audience and stays engaging for a longer period than other texts.
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Live-action video

Live-action video is a type of video production method that combines real-life people and movements with special effects that can increase the aesthetic, creativeness, and visual appeal of the video. By adding magical events, a live-action video can generate a higher positive response from the audience.

  • Captures emotions – the first benefit of using live-action video is that it captures emotions by including real elements in the video instead of solely special effects.
  • Create a sense of belonging – the second benefit of using live-action videos is that they can create a sense of purpose, belonging, and establish the setting and background of the video.
  • Atmospheric effects – the third benefit of using live-action video is that you can include interesting camera effects that would be difficult to create with solely CG effects, such as including a different field of view and weather effects.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animations can easily convey complex information to make it digestible for all audiences. By using an amalgamation of visuals, writing, animation, and effects, you can make your commercial or pitch memorable and interesting.

  • Convey information – the first benefit of using whiteboard animation is that you can convey more information than you would otherwise be able to with another type of medium.
  • Easy to do – the second benefit is that whiteboard animation is typically easier to put together than other types of marketing material, such as video or live-animation video.


As you can see, using explainer video production tools is a great way to convey your message with ease. By including whiteboard animation, live-action video, kinetic typography, motion graphics, and 2D animation videos, you can enhance your marketing potential and increase the chances of customers liking your products or services.

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