Guide to Fiber Optic Routers

Guide to Fiber Optic Routers

High-speed internet is no longer an aspiration but a reality. With more and more reliable and steady internet providers rolling out fast speed and cost-effective plans like, In case of Xfinity internet packages, for instance, users have all the convenience of enjoying better speeds at lower rates. The emergence of fiber internet technology has set a new benchmark when it comes to enjoying blazing fast internet speeds at affordable rates. We see more and more users switching to fiber internet plans and for all the right reasons.

This is why fiber-optic internet technology has caught the users’ attention by storm. Fiber optic routers have special features to provide blazing fast internet speeds. The router might not connect directly to the fiber cable but it can be connected to the Optical Network Terminal or ONT that converts the fiber optic signals to the Ethernet. A fiber router is also known as the fiber optic router is capable to support the fiber internet signals. It is capable of supporting faster speeds and sending pulses through an optical cable fiber. A non-optic fiber router is not able to do so. Fiber internet indeed delivers the fastest as well as the most reliable internet without a doubt. But an outdated router will not let you take full advantage of your fiber internet plan.

You will find routers that might not even cost much, and yet are fully capable of delivering more stable internet access. Therefore, if you are not performing any heavy online activities simultaneously, you can rest assured that your internet speeds will not be affected. Here is a look at all the details regarding fiber optic routers.

Fiber Optic Technology

When it comes to fast-speed internet connectivity, fiber optics is the first thought that comes to our mind. Most people might not know that fiber optics are flexible, long, and like things like a hair strand. These strands are used to transmit data in the form of light. These strands collectively are referred to as optical cables.

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Difference between Router and Modem

When it comes to routers and modems, there are certain confusions and misconceptions. We often use the terms router and modem interchangeably. As similar as they may sound, there is an evident difference. The modem is used for connecting your device with the internet while the router is responsible for connecting the device with the local network.

A modem acts as a bridge between the cable or fiber optic of ISP and the Ethernet cable that is connected to the computer. While on the other hand, a router does not need to be connected to the internet. The basic function of the router is to manage the connectivity of multiple devices on the network.

How to Get the Best Fiber Optic Connection?

If you have purchased a fiber internet plan, the fiber optic modem will be installed by the internet service provider. The ONT or Fiber internet modem is capable of converting the optical signals and provides an Ethernet port to connect with fiber optic fiber.

By making use of the best fiber optic routers available, you can make the most out of your fiber optic internet plans. Here is what you have to do for choosing the perfect fiber optic router so it does not throttle it.

This can be done by checking that the maximum speed supported by your fiber optic router is more than the maximum speed of the network. This is to make sure that it does not throttle your internet connection or slow down the speeds.

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Some Top Recommendations

Here are some of the top picks for you to consider when buying a fiber optic router:

  • TP-Link AC 1750

TP-Link AC 1750 is yet another outstanding router that is compatible with Alexa and other Wi-Fi devices. The network speeds its support is around 1750 Mbps. It comes with three antennas and great coverage. When it comes to wired connections, four LAN ports are available.

  • Netgear Nighthawk R6700

Netgear Nighthawk R6700 supports speeds up to 1750 Mbps and can manage as many as 25 devices. It is an ideal choice for big families who need online access round the clock. The router also supports Alexa Voice Control. You can also enjoy its advanced features like website filtering, time limits, parental controls, etc.

Final Words

Though regarded as the fastest mode of internet connectivity these days, this technology is stagnant. Cost and coverage are major limitations for its widespread usage.

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