Hard Disk Is Full on Mac – Here is How to Fix it

Hard Disk Is Full on Mac – Here is How to Fix it

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Mac has limited storage to offer to the users. If you keep on adding data it will end getting you an error of ‘Your disk is almost full’. There can be many files that you don’t even know are stored in your system. Some of the files include duplicate images, videos, audio, and documents. When the files are stored at different locations it gets tough to find the original and duplicate files.

To make your work easy we have listed some of the ways using which you can delete the files and make space in the hard disk.

Method to Clean your Hard Disk

Below you can find some of the best methods using which you can clean your hard disk on Mac.

  • Duplicate Files

Files that you edit or use in some software will make a different copy of them which are the duplicates of an original file. The files are stored in various locations that make them hard to find. But you can easily find them by using the best mac cleaner and optimizer apps.

The apps are very easy to use and can detect duplicate files from the system in a few minutes only. All you need to do is select the best app that performs best with your system and scan the system.

  • Unused Software

There may be a lot of software which you have installed earlier for some work but now you don’t need them anymore. Those apps can take up a lot of storage as they consist of supporting files and other data too. Removing the unused software is the best option you can try to make space on your hard disk.

Uninstalling the software will not work. You need to get to the source files and delete all the supporting files along with the setup files to remove them properly from the system. If you wish to reinstall them then you can keep the setup.

  • Empty Trash

When you delete something it goes to the trash where you can restore it. You might think your work is over by just sending it to the trash can, but it is not. The files which are in the trash also take up space of the hard disk.

To complete the deleting process you need to delete the files even from the trash can. You can easily do that by right-clicking on the trash can and selecting the empty option. Before performing this action you need to be sure as after deleting the files from the trash you cannot restore them.

  • Remove Backup

You might consider storing the backup of your iPhone and iPad on your Mac as it has more storage capacity.  But it also has a limited storage capacity which will be filled one day and at that time you need to delete them. If you have already stored the data then in that case you can delete them. If you wish to keep the data in the system then you need to extend the capacity of the hard disk.

For increasing the storage space you can choose to purchase an external hard disk for storing the data. According to your requirement, you can choose to have the hard disk.

Other than just increasing the storage the hard disk will help the device in increasing the speed. As the load from the system will decrease the system’s process will boost.

  • Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files work to speed up the process but it not necessarily improves the speed but it can definitely fill up the storage space. Although the OS tries to remove the files from the system but having dedicated software for this works best.  Using the software you can easily clean all the temporary files and the software will keep on cleaning the files from time to time.

Other than having software you can even manually delete them. In the browser you can clear the browsing data is enough. For other temporary files in the system, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Finder
  • Click on the ‘Go’ menu and select the ‘Library’ option.
  • Then select the caches folder
  • The folder will display all the caches on the system and you can delete them to make space.


  • Cloud Storage

If you have tried all the methods listed above but still could not find a solution to the problem then this method might help you. You may have all the important data stored in the system which cannot be deleted but the data can be stored at different locations.

You can use the platform which offers a storage option. Using those platforms you can keep your data stored safely and can even access it whenever required. Some of the platforms offer free storage while others offer it under a subscription. You can choose the platform depending on your choice and requirement.

Solved: Hard Disk Is Full on Mac

The above-listed methods can help you easily make space on your hard disk and you will not witness the error. You can follow these steps whenever your storage space starts to fill up. We hope that you find this article helpful in making space. If you have any suggestions regarding the article you can write them down in the comments section.


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