Hashtag Research: Importance And Benefits Of Using The Hashtag

Hashtag Research: Importance And Benefits Of Using The Hashtag

Social media is a platform where everyone can become popular by presenting and showcasing their talents and skills. But one cannot just upload a post and become popular. The Hashtag is one of the ways to gain likes and followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

However, any random hashtags don’t bring you likes and followers. It will help if you research first the related hashtags of your post. For example, suppose you are a fashion blogger on Instagram; you need to research popular hashtags related to fashion. Then you can use the relevant hashtags on your post. Hashtags like #ootd and #ootdfashion are the popular fashion hashtags for fashion bloggers.

Researching related hashtags for your post is like analyzing SEO for blogs and articles. It is like optimizing your social media post by adding relevant hashtags related to your post.

Learn more about hashtags, their use, importance, and benefits through this article.

Importance of Hashtag for winning followers and likes on Instagram

Hashtags are being used today by almost everyone without even knowing their importance. But real influencers and businesses on Instagram use hashtags because it is one of the essential social media marketing tools.

With hashtags, your Instagram post becomes more reachable to the audience. Hence Hashtag research is very much important on Instagram. Let us take a peek into the importance of hashtags on Instagram.


Using hashtags will get to know who is using the same Hashtag as yours and find out your competitors easily. If you find out your top competitors, you can compare your business strategies to theirs and see what aspects you are lagging or leaving them behind. Then you can focus on your weak points and polish your plus points further.


As already discussed above, hashtags help to increase your reach. When you use the relevant hashtags, your post and profile will be visible to all the audiences using or searching the same Hashtag. This way, your visibility will increase and reach millions of audiences. The greater your visibility, the powerful will be your branding.

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You can create a hashtag convenient for your post. For example, suppose you have opened a cake business page on Instagram. Here, you can create a hashtag such as #cakelover or #bake. After creating a relevant hashtag for your post, you tell and request all your present followers to use the same Hashtag and refer the same to their associates and followers. This way, your audience base will increase, thus taking your business to the next level.


With a single hashtag, you can start a movement and win the world. For example, #LGBTQIA has become a global trend that supports and promotes LGBTQ rights. Recently, the #FreeBritney movement came up so strong that it helped end pop icon Britney Spears’ conservatorship from her father. Another best example of a popular hashtag movement is the #MeToo movement, where victims of rapes and molestations came forward to speak up using this Hashtag.

Benefits of using Hashtag

The Hashtag has a huge role in social media marketing, thus helping you boost your business. Besides, it is beneficial for online activists, bloggers, and influencers as well. Given below are some of the benefits of using Hashtag as an important tool for social media marketing.

  • Hashtags help you identify your competitors, which again helps you level up your business or page by comparing it with your competitors.
  • The visibility of your post and page will also increase on using the relevant hashtags.
  • The increased visibility makes your page more reachable to the audiences, thus helping you gain more followers. More followers mean more buyers and supporters of your business, blog, art, or activism.
  • With increased visibility, your branding and brand power will also increase.
  • You can also promote your business posts, business, or even yourself as an influencer or a rising internet sensation by using the relevant hashtags.
  • You can boost your online activism and movements also and bring a change to the world. They say – “be the change you want to see in the world”, and now you can indeed be that change by creating, using, and promoting the Hashtag of the change that you want to bring in this world. For example, you want to raise awareness about mental health. Create hashtags such as #mentalhealthtalk.
  • If you are an influencer, you can create a hashtag on your name.
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Therefore, one can use the relevant hashtags related to the type of their profile or business. For example, fashion bloggers can use #ootdfashion, food bloggers can use #foodlover or #foodporn, travel bloggers can use #wanderer, and the like relevant to their respective niches.

Best course for learning social media marketing

Many online courses for social media marketing are available these days. You can take up any of those courses and learn how to create and use Hashtag. Of course, social media marketing includes many other marketing strategies, but there are also some specific courses for hashtags. Therefore, one can enrol on the hashtag course only as well.

·  Flick Academy

Flick provides many online short-term courses, including Hashtag and Social Media Marketing. It offers a free course on Hashtags, where you get to learn how to create, plan, post, and analyze hashtags.

The course includes 5 modules, 16 videos, and 16 assignments for beginners. You will learn about Instagram hashtag strategy in this course.

Enrolling on this course offered by Flick can be very useful to those seeking to take over Instagram. Therefore, learn the strategy and become popular instead of taking random steps.

· Outline of the Hashtag Course offered by Flick

1.  Establish

This topic covers the importance of hashtags, how you can use them, how they work, and how you can use it for your benefit.

2.  Planning

Planning includes building strategies for the 8-Post hashtag challenge and defining sub-topics to point your ideal followers.

3.  Hashtags

Here you will learn how to find the hashtags relevant to your account and niche.

4.  Posting

After you find the relevant hashtags, you will learn to use them on your posts and execute the 8-Post Hashtag Challenge.

5.  Analyze

Here you will learn to analyze how well the hashtags did by analyzing your 8-Post Hashtag challenge, and you will also learn to optimize your strategy.

Final Takeaway

Therefore, we can conclude that Hashtag is as important as any other social media marketing tool. Therefore, learn to use hashtags in the right way, and you can rule Instagram.

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