How Businesses Can Use Text Surveys

How Businesses Can Use Text Surveys

While sending email surveys is a convenient and affordable way of connecting with a target group, email response rates just don’t compare to text message response rates.

Using text message surveys is an excellent way for businesses to collect customer feedback about their products and services. SMS surveys allow organizations to connect with people on a device that’s conveniently almost always on their hands.

Most people spend a lot of time chatting on their phones and, as such, are more likely to see a text survey and respond to it immediately.

In this article, we’ll examine how small businesses can use text message survey and receive an overwhelming response in the process.

How SMS Surveys Work

An SMS survey is designed to collect data from participants at a fast rate. Most SMS surveys are usually not more than two questions long. People respond better to shorter SMS surveys so they can quickly get back to whatever it is they were doing with their phone.

Like email surveys, the respondents need to consent and provide their phone numbers to receive text messages from an organization.

For instance, if your online store receives a lot of traffic from actual customers, you can integrate a checkbox at the POS page and ask them to opt-in to text messages from your business.

Once your customers permit you to reach out to them through text, you can proceed to set up an SMS survey. The easiest way of doing so is using a text survey service. Sign up for MessageMedia to easily send SMS online.

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SMS survey apps and websites have efficient and functional tools you can use to best communicate to your customers.

Each platform has its own style of creating surveys. However, you’ll find that most of them use a general approach.

Once the participant receives the text, they’ll open it to read the message, which has a link to the survey attached. Next, the participant opens the link, which takes them to a simple online questionnaire.

After they’ve answered the questions included in the survey, you should receive the results on your survey dashboard in no time.

What to Look Out for When Creating a Text Message Survey

  1. Introduce Your Organization

Your customers may receive text messages from a lot of people, including brands as well. As such, you must introduce yourself even if you’ve sent the respondent a survey before. This creates a good sense of credibility and betters the chances of you getting a response.

  1. Design It for Mobile

This probably goes without saying, but you should make sure you design your survey specifically for mobile devices. You might have to test the outlook on several different screen sizes. This way, you can be sure you’re sending a comprehensive survey without cutting off any information.

  1. Include a CTA (Call to Action)

Make sure you include a CTA in your message. Because text messages have limited character space, try to keep it brief and direct.

Winding it Up

Any B2C business can profit immensely from collecting feedback regarding the organization. They can smooth line operations, reduce overhead costs, and unveil new product development opportunities.

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When executed properly, an SMS survey campaign can be incredibly effective in connecting with your customer base.

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