How is Starbucks Using Technology to Generate More Revenue?

How is Starbucks Using Technology to Generate More Revenue?

I was deep down searching for the minimum age to work at Starbucks and couldn’t help myself get trapped in the company’s working. Let’s begin from the start. Starbucks is one of the most renowned and recognized names in coffee. This company started as a small store in Seattle, and now it is ruling all over the world.

Starbucks is one of those organizations that believed in growing with time. They have managed to use the latest technology to generate more revenue and be on the charts’ top.

Starbucks has used new ways to grow and practical techniques to bring the best services possible. The company has invested heavily in new and effective technology to improve its customer services.

Some examples are Mobile Order & Pay, Digital Loyalty Program, Green Apron, and Drone Delivery, Brewing, My Starbucks Idea. Let’s break down each detail and figure out how Starbucks has managed to grow and earn more.

Social Media

Back in 2010, Starbuck was named the most popular social media brand. Starbuck’s social media presence is immense. The company’s social media space includes platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and its website. Starbucks has also been using social technology for its benefits. This had given them the opportunity to bring back the old customers. They are able to connect with their customer at a personal level and even get appropriate feedback.

Mobile Order & Pay

Back in 2014, Starbucks launched its Mobile Order & Pay. It is a simple smartphone mobile payment apps. You can use this application by simply submitting an order in advance and then pay while picking. You can even pay with the help of the application when you pick up the store’s order.

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This had given Starbucks an upper hand in receiving more and more potential customers. Even the customers get ease at ordering and making the payments according to their comforts. This application was an evolutionary initiative to shift its customers from card-based payments to the digital version.

Green Apron and Drone Delivery

There is no doubt in the question that technology has proven to be an essential part of growth and improvement in any form of business. Starbuck had made its presence in AI technology as well. With significant initiatives such as Green Apron and Drone Delivery, Starbucks has ensured that they provide all kinds of comforts and convenience to its customers.

Back in 2015, Starbucks came up with the innovative concept “Green Apron Services.” These services were meant to offer delivery services where the customers could pay through Mobile Order and Pay.

The Green Apron services were initially launched in the Empire State Building in Downtown Manhattan. Further, they expanded their area to New York and saw immense success, which led to excellent earning.

Also, Starbucks partnered with Google X for its trial for the Drone Delivery. However, the partnership did not work out for too long. According to Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz

By anticipating and beginning to invest many years ahead of the mobile technology curve, Starbucks today is defining customer-facing … mobile and retail experiences of the future. And the technology innovations we are introducing are further strengthening our brand, improving our efficiency and in-store execution, increasing our profitability, enabling us to further extend our lead over competitors, and, most importantly, enabling us to deliver an elevated Starbucks experience to our customers.

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My Starbucks Idea

Apart from all the incredible innovations, Starbucks also came up with “My Starbucks Idea.” It was launched in 2008. The main motive behind this initiative was to build communication with the present as well as potential customers.

The company wanted customers to share their ideas and thoughts regarding things that Starbucks should change. Starbucks ‘ Idea strategy was very similar to nowadays “I let my followers decide my day, YouTube videos.”

Starbucks has been a brilliant player in terms of the usage of technology. They had come up with ideas like in-store Wi-Fi’s way before they became normal. Later on, they even started free Wi-Fi across the stores. This time they partnered with Yahoo! And it was a success.

Final Thought

Starbucks have proved itself to be worthy of all the hype and appreciation it gets. With the smart use of innovative and new technology, the company has managed to turn many heads.

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