The Future of High Tech Fishing, What You Need To Know

The Future of High Tech Fishing, What You Need To Know

Technology is making advancements in both recreational and commercial fishing. Thanks to new innovations in technology, commercial fishermen can pull in larger hauls for cheaper, and recreational anglers can target their favorite fish and break their own records time after time.

Here are some of the electronic gadgets that we see as the future of high-tech fishing.


Blockchain is turning the tables in one of the largest industries worldwide; seafood. The potential of Blockchain in the commercial fishing industry is exciting. Not only does it provide consumers with transparency about where their fish comes from, but it can help to identify areas where fish stocks need to recover.

Blockchain is tamper-proof and once the data is entered into the block it can be traced right back to its source. This helps to make fishing sustainable and ethical, and can help to prevent illegal fishing activities.

Autopilot Kayaks

Gone are the days where you’d need to paddle your way to your fishing spot and maintain your position in the water, fighting against the current. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now get a kayak that comes with built-in autopilot and Spot-Lock technology.

You’re able to control the kayak using Bluetooth, which connects to the i-Pilot remote. This lets you steer yourself to your fishing position and hold your position in the water while you cast a line.

These motorized kayaks also make use of foot brace steering, which allows you to keep your attention on your rod and reel instead of busying your hands with steering.

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Sonar Technology

Technology is also helping anglers find the best fishing spots on any body of water. If you have a boat, you can attach a sonar device to the front. Then, choose if you want to see what’s in the water beneath you, in front of your boat or both.

This gives anglers real-time data and images of structures and fish in the vicinity. For anglers casting from the shore, you can attach a castable fish finder to your line. This allows you to get an idea of what’s out in the water with the data sent to your mobile device. Anglers will then be able to identify if there are fish in the vicinity or if they need to find another spot.

USB Rechargeable Fishing Lures

It’s not easy to get fish to bite. Often this leads to anglers chopping and changing bait and lures to attract fish. Technology has delivered a lifelike smart lure that will have the fish biting in no time.

The USB rechargeable fishing lure is made from anti-corrosion materials and looks like a bait fish. Once you cast it, the lure will begin to twitch and vibrate, mimicking a small fish in distress. This will attract the attention of game fish who prefer live bait and see it as an easy target.


While there have been more technological advances in commercial fishing, we’re starting to see more and more high-tech advances in recreational fishing.

Although all you really need to fish is a rod and reel, using technology to help you find the perfect spot or identify hotspots makes it even more exciting.

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