This Is the Best Time to Send an Email Newsletter, According to Marketing Experts

This Is the Best Time to Send an Email Newsletter, According to Marketing Experts

There’s a lot of time, effort, and personal investment that goes into writing a killer email newsletter. It could take you an hour, or it could take you a day; the point is, an outstanding newsletter deserves to be read.

But when do readers check their email most? Is there a best time to send email newsletters? There’s a healthy amount of research that goes into ensuring your email hits the mark. 

We’ll go over all that and more in the article below. 

The Best Time to Send Email Newsletters

Let’s get this out of the way first. If you’ve successfully cultivated a following on your newsletter, check your analytics to see when they’re most opened.

Is it morning? Night? When are the most sales made?

Products like coffee will have a better audience in the morning than in the evening. Use your analytics and go from there.

If you’re starting out, don’t have analytics to rely on, or want to test the waters to see success, then we’ll go into a broad approach to targeting your emails.

The Best Day of the Week

Generally, Tuesdays are the best, followed by Thursdays, to send newsletter campaigns, followed by Tuesdays. 

“But what if I want my consumers so it’s the first thing they see during the week?” Sorry, friend. That’s just not what the research says.

In fact, Monday and Saturday are considered the worst days to send out an email newsletter. Saturday might seem self-explanatory, but why Monday? Aren’t people checking their emails the first day back after the weekend?

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You’d be right in thinking that. Problem is, most emails are clogged come Monday morning, leaving the user with a pile to sift through. Anything non-essential often finds itself in the digital trash can.

Avoid these mistakes when sending out an email newsletter. Come Tuesday, you have the best chance of catching the reader’s eye.

And by Thursday, emails have dipped so far, and most work has been caught up on, that there’s a better chance the reader will actually go through your email and check out any products you may be offering.

The Best Time of Day to Send Out Email Newsletters

Mailchimp has a send-time optimization feature that determines when email campaigns are likely to be most successful.

Surprise, people are more likely to open an email during the day rather than at night, though a large portion of Americans do check their email throughout the day.

More specifically, you’ll find success just afternoon. This is largely in part because, after a lunch break, checking email is the first thing many people do.

After you try this approach, tweak where necessary. Depending on your market and the time zone they live in, it’s possible that you may shift an hour here or there so accommodate to your main market.

Send Those Emails

If you haven’t already, start sending those emails! Take these tips as guidelines for how you position your particular email marketing campaign. The best time to send email newsletters might vary from our calculations, so adjust accordingly.

If you do this, you’ll surely find increased read-rates and additional purchases.

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