Which is more economical? Cable TV or Satellite

Which is more economical? Cable TV or Satellite

When it comes to choosing a TV service for your home, there are a lot of factors that come into play before making a decision. After all, it is one of the most important decisions you are to take as your home entertainment depends on this decision. Usually, people make this decision in a hurry and end up getting in the contract for a year or two. However, the service quality is not enough and they have to stick with the provider.

This is quite common no matter what TV connection you are getting. Therefore, it is better to get something that ticks all the boxes.

In the United States, cable and satellite are the two most common ways of getting the service. Cable TV uses a complex network of coaxial cables spread in almost 42 states in the country. Satellite service, on the other hand, is more accessible and available way beyond geographical regions.

These services are inherently different and providers charge differently for the services. Today, we will discuss the most common question consumers ask. Which is more economical out of the two?

Cable TV

Cable TV is a traditional method of getting HD TV in your home. Countless providers are working in the US. All of them have a different price range. We will consider the example of Spectrum. Charter Spectrum is one of the top-notch providers in the country with services in more than 41 states.


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There are multiple costs associated with cable TV. These costs include the price for the plan, rental for the cable box, local broadcast surcharges, and sports fees. Today, we will break them down for you one by one.

Cable TV plans

Cable TV has a lot to offer. There are extensive channel lineups and channel lineups are well-tailored to meet the requirements of every household. Their plans differ in terms of the number of channels, premium channels, and other add-ons. If you get the most basic plan, you will get Spectrum TV essentials for just $44.99 per month. This is the base price for the plan and does not include the equipment charges. If you get a higher-tier plan, the prices go even higher. The Silver plan with Spectrum starts from $74.99 per month. It has a greater number of channels with some premium channels.

Equipment cost

A standard HD box usually costs $9.99. If you want DVR service included, that’s $4.99 a month.

Monthly Bill

If you get a single box with the basic plan, you are looking at more than $60 a month for cable TV. If you want to include the premium channels, you are looking at more than $90 a month for the services. However, a cheaper approach is bundling cable with the internet. This will save you on your monthly cable bill. Cable internet is always faster than satellite.


Satellite TV is an alternative to your standard TV service. It is fundamentally different from traditional cable. The function is simple. The television providers transmit the signals to the satellite in the outer space and then those satellites transmit the signals to smaller dishes installed on the rooftop of our homes. The receivers are there to convert the signals into an image. This is similar to how modems operate by converting the incoming signals to high-speed internet. Therefore, satellite TV is widely accessible in the entire US.

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It won’t be hard to find some good satellite TV providers around you. DIRECTV and Dish provide services in more than 50 states in the US. DIRECTV has a starting price of $64.99. This is the base price for the plan. There are extra charges on top.

Equipment Cost

The satellite requires you to install a dish outside your house. You can purchase the dish or rent it out. There are different charges for the dish.

Final Verdict

Satellite is usually cheaper than cable TV but it mainly depends on the provider you are with. For example, Spectrum cable’s cheapest will cost you under $60 and DIRECTV will cost you somewhere around $80 per month. However, it is better to invest in a provider that ensures excellent service.

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