How Marketing Managers Benefit from Proxies

How Marketing Managers Benefit from Proxies

The core goal of marketing is to build high brand awareness and to generate a high volume of legitimate leads. To achieve these goals, online marketers need to jump over several hurdles.

One of the more literal hurdles that need to be taken care of is site ad blockers and restrictions. The one solution to quickly overcome this is the use of web proxies.

Many people are becoming more aware of the commercial uses of web proxies. Companies use it to regulate the internet consumption of their employees. Now, management managers and staff are using it to widen the reach of their advertising campaigns and more.

Benefits of Proxies for Marketing Managers

Information Gathering

Information fuels the marketing industry. Marketers base all their decisions on actual and verified information. Marketing strategies are formulated based on the current standing of the brand in specific areas. The standing is often calculated using different metrics that were decided through research.

All the research that a marketer does is sometimes detected and flagged as data crawling. IP addresses tagged as data crawlers are often blocked from several sites. Marketing teams often face this problem when they scout for information all across the web.

Using web proxies, such as SOCK or secure socket proxies, as an intermediary medium before accessing different sites circumvents this problem. The proxies assign a new IP address whenever it is activated, so this hinders the site from blocking the address as it changes routinely.

SOCK proxies, in particular, facilitate communication between servers through firewalls. That being said, the source of the address is not traceable as well.

Bypass Area Restrictions

With the bulk of information that marketers need, it requires thorough and constant research that is sometimes hindered by blockers or restrictions. Marketing managers may not or have limited access to the data in a website hosted by a particular area.

By using web proxies, the proxy will easily bypass the restriction. This, in turn, will provide the user full unfiltered access to the site, letting them gain all the needed information.

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It is also imperative for marketing managers to bypass these boundaries to see how their advertisements look like in other parts of the world. It lets them verify their gathered data about the performance of their ad in that area.

Verify Ad Executions

In support of the above-mentioned benefit, marketers benefit from web proxies because it jumps over boundaries to let them check how well their ads are doing in certain areas. This is especially necessary when you assign the task of putting up your ads to a third-party agency.

Marketers resort to assigning the responsibility of executing the ad to third-party agencies when the marketers are limited by area code restrictions. As the brains behind the ad, you would want to know how your ideas are executed by the third-party agency. The web proxies allow you to personally see the ad placements.

The use of web proxies provides several uses in these instances. One, it navigates around area restrictions, if there are any. Two, your activity will be invisible. Anyone trying to track activity from your company’s site cannot track you.

Lastly, an essential part of doing market research is to know your competition. Having a clear competitive advantage will propel you to the top of the game. Under the blanket provided by web proxies, you can also check out the ads from your competition. This will help your team to evaluate how well you are doing in the industry.

Avoids Blocks from Social Media Sites

Avoids Blocks from Social Media Sites

Similar to sites blocking the entry of data crawlers, social networking sites are also wary of these accounts that are said to have suspicious activities. Profiles run by marketing teams are sometimes faced with this problem.

As stated above, one of the core goals of marketing is to build high brand awareness. One of the fastest ways to do that today is to go vocal and all out on social media. Paid ads are apparently no longer enough to gain an advantage.

Marketing teams resolve this problem by partnering with prominent celebrities to talk about and vouch for a product or service. Another method is to create and use several accounts to talk about the ad and the product. This method creates online clout. It brings other organic accounts to also talk about the team’s product.

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But multiple accounts from a single IP address are ticked off as a highly suspicious and spam activity. Social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are quick to respond to these. This is where the purpose of web proxies comes in.

A single person can activate a proxy server and use one of the profiles to interact with the post. Once done, the user can easily reboot the server and connect to another area bearing a different IP address. The new IP address can interact with the ad some more, stirring clout around it.

Faster Browsing Speed

Apart from all the circumventing of boundaries and restrictions, web proxy use leads to a better browsing experience.

When used during data gathering, web proxies minimize the appearance of pop-up ads that interfere with unobstructed scrolling through a website.

Also, using web proxies peers the site. In peering, the web host distributes the web content to different hosts and the proxy collects them and delivers them to the requestor. Once the content is distributed to different hosts, the webspace is lessened and evened-out, significantly decreasing the traffic.

The decreased and evened out web traffic results in better browsing for users of the site. Loading times become shorter, uploading, and downloading times also become faster.

The faster and better browsing experience is not a primary benefit that comes with the use of web proxies. It is a fortunate side effect that all of its users enjoy.


The use of web proxies was often limited to the highly technical field. But now, other industries such as marketing and advertising benefit heavily from it. As the strategies and traditional marketing methods transition to digital marketing, web proxies are an essential tool to achieve the goals of the field.

Marketing managers and teams can collect more in-depth data from their ads plastered around the world. Accessing through a web proxy lets them see how the execution of their strategies fare in the areas where they didn’t have access before.

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