Why are so many in India using a VPN?

Why are so many in India using a VPN?

Why is it common thing in India to use VPN? Before we find out why so many Indians are using VPN, we should know what VPN means. The VPN acronym stands for Virtual Private Network. That is a safe space for privacy on the internet. VPN is used as a proxy to the local network. Why would so many Indians want privacy when using the internet? The reasons why are not far-fetched as this article tells you how VPN is a perfect fit for anonymity, good internet quality, fast gaming, and superb online casino experience, and lots more.

VPN for Anonymity

Using the internet in India in the comfort of your home doesn’t make you anonymous even if you go incognito on most of the applications. VPN makes you anonymous. You can register on different sites without being recognized or your IP address being flagged. You can perform whatever you want in secrecy. You shouldn’t use VPN to run illegal packages online as you might get arrested if discovered. VPN gives so many Indians the privacy they need from wandering sites who could gain access to your phones. Another important reason why an Indian might want to go anonymous is to air their opinions and exercise their freedom of speech as the government does not usually like opposition or being questioned.

Low internet quality in India

Since the lockdown period, the internet quality has gone worse than it was in India. This has led to an increase in demand for VPN which offer high-quality networks and a fast internet experience. It is often frustrating to have a mobile network drag or lag. It is of immense benefit to have a VPN that bypasses all of these problems. VPN varies though and you can choose whichever suits you or work out your convenience faster. A fast internet network helps you get around your assignments and research a lot quicker.

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VPN for gaming and online casino

Most gaming and online casinos in India can only be accessed through a VPN. Also, there’s a better experience when using a VPN while playing games. Some games and online casinos are restricted to certain countries but with a VPN, you can play a variety of games with foreign opponents. Quality gaming experiences improve your chances of winning. Some bonuses are only open to a certain set of citizens. A VPN could make you bypass such barriers. VPN is ideal for streaming games and accessing online casinos in India. Most games are not available to Indians but with a VPN, you can stream live and for free on different channels and foreign websites.


Using the internet opens you up to lots of attacks and breaches. Gaming with an opposition sometimes allows your partner to have access to your IP address and know where you are playing from. A VPN would protect you from all of these. Most applications do have access to your phone, biodata, passwords, and most times banking details. The internet keeps a record of all you do on it but a VPN can safeguard you from this exposure and cyber threats. You can enjoy premium content while still protecting your most delicate information.

Access to foreign and restricted content

In India, the government censors some posts and you can not access such posts with just an ordinary network. A VPN gives you access to restricted content like articles meant for certain age groups and professionals. VPN also gives you a sweet experience in a foreign space. You can access foreign websites that don’t have India listed to learn and you can also have access to foreign journals and magazines to aid your school research and projects. VPN gives you a better deal for a cheaper price. You can buy a plane ticket cheaper from a foreign company as there might be a discount for their citizens but they wouldn’t know you are buying from India with the aid of a VPN.

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It restricts and protects you from advertisers

Giving some websites access to your phone or accepting all their conditions for using their website can be an invasion of your privacy. Sometimes, these websites copy your details for advertisements and use them to their advantage without your notice. Advertisement pop-ups reduce or cease to exist with VPN. You can enjoy your mobile and have a good internet connection without being bothered. Unwanted and annoying content which can cause distractions can be wade off and denied through VPN.

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