What is a VPN? Is it possible to use a VPN for business?

What is a VPN? Is it possible to use a VPN for business?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. It is a function where you can be completely anonymous and secure every time you use the internet. VPN systems are especially important for businesses that want to operate safely on the worldwide web without having the risk of being hacked or having other type of internet woes such as corporate data theft or data breaches. Which are the benefits of a VPN? Can you actually use this system if you have a business? And why are VPNs such as NordVPN and Express VPN above average reliable and good quality?

Complete online security and anonymity: advantages of a VPN

To go straight to the point: if you have your own business, you can easily use a VPN service. Choosing a VPN to protect your online business activities, your website and web shops means that all data sent via the internet is properly encrypted and cannot be hacked by internet criminals. With a reliable VPN service you can run your company’s website, maintain your webshop, email and work in Cloud completely safely and anonymously. Hackers who try to steal your data, for example via a public Wi-Fi network, will find out that they cannot do anything with an encrypted and unreadable data.

Your IP address and location data will remain hidden with a VPN

It is ideal for a company to have its own IP address and personal information hidden (such as the location) whenever they use a VPN. The same applies for your employees, if they log in via a VPN connection. It is advisable to give your staff the option to work with a VPN. Nowadays, a relatively large amount of work is done from home and if your staff cannot access the company server via a protected VPN access, you run an unnecessary risk of data leaks or theft of company-sensitive information. But with a VPN you can prevent this to happen.

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Which VPN systems are the best choice?

Many business owners wonder which VPN system is the best choice for their business. There are now days a lot of choices when it comes to VPNs. Research and online reviews show that two VPN systems stand out significantly above the average, namely NordVPN and Express VPN. The former VPN, NordVPN, excels especially in terms of speed (this system is one of the fastest VPNs available) and guarantees optimal online security for both companies and individuals. Furthermore, the clear and uniform user’s interface is a plus. It is also nice about NordVPN that there are no logs, so you are completely anonymous when you (or your colleagues) access the internet. Additionally, you can count on the following benefits with NordVPN: it offers VPN servers with a double VPN connection, it has numerous servers available worldwide, it enables dedicated IP addresses and it has also reserved VPN servers for streaming and downloading.

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