How to Become a Pro Paladins Player

How to Become a Pro Paladins Player

Paladins is a first-person fantasy world shooter game with lots of interesting characters and game modes to choose from. This game has slowly become one of the best first-person fantasy shooter games available.

In this fantasy world, you’ll find all manner of creatures aside from humans like dragons, elves, and goblins which all help to boost the game’s fairytale appeal.

If you want to become a pro paladins player, you’ll find this concise paladins guide useful.

What Paladins is All About

In paladins, you’ll have to get into the fantasy world using a character from the over 30 paladins champions available to use. The characters have varying abilities and strong points.

Paladins combat is a team game where groups of five players take on enemies, killing and progressing through the game.

Paladins Game Modes

There are three game modes you can choose from in paladins. These game modes are siege, onslaught, and deathmatch.

In the siege mode, the two teams of five players will have to battle to get the 4 objectives points needed to win the mode. A team will have to do these three things to get the needed objective points; hold a capture point, you’ll have to escort a payload into the enemy base, and then stall that payload till the timer runs out.

For the onslaught game, the first team to reach 400 points or with the highest point at the end of the timer wins.

In deathmatch mode, things are a little more straightforward as the first team with 40 kills wins the game.

How you can become a Pro Paladins Player

For whichever mode or character you choose, you and your team will hardly make it far into the game if you’ve not mastered the basics and perhaps even become a pro player. There are things you can do to quickly improve your paladins skill. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Watch Paladins esports Live

Watching the best paladins players play for a piece of the money is a great way to improve your skill. This event usually boasts the best paladin players all using the best tricks they have under their sleeves to win.

Watching this tournament with a keen eye will open your mind to a whole new skill range you never thought possible.

So, while you can watch the paladin esport live event for fun and entertainment, open your eyes and mind to analyze what moves pro players are making and why.

2. Study the Champions

There is only so much you can do without a full understanding of how the character you’ve chosen works.

Learn the basic skills of all the characters, this way you can both attack and defend against any character you face.

When it comes to your favorite champion(s) you would like to be using, you need more than just basic knowledge. You need to understand everything about that character. Know its strong points, weakness, and everything in between.

Also, know your champion’s major role and how to fill that role effectively to help your team.

3. Purchase all the Right Gadgets

Want to go pro and make lots of money and maybe even fame from playing paladins? You have to invest in your gaming gadgets.

Without the right gears, you’ll struggle to meet up. Some of the gadgets you may need depending on where you’re playing the game is a good monitor, powerful gaming PC, headphones, quality controllers, comfortable gaming chairs among several other things.

These things would cost you quite a lot of money, but it’s a small price to pay if you want to go pro. Bear in mind you don’t have to get everything before you start. You can get the basics first before upgrading as you progress.

4. Practice Always

Nothing beats the age-long advice of constant practice. It may take a while before you master everything in the game but you’ll see a sharp improvement in your skill level with constant practice.

Remember to take breaks to refresh your mind as playing for long hours can be draining.


Even as a pro you may still be bested by a newbie using some cheats. So if you would love to get a hold of paladins hacks you can use to avoid losing a lot, you’ll find some useful cheats in that guide.


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