How to Build Domain Authority: Four techniques to Guarantee higher Authority

How to Build Domain Authority: Four techniques to Guarantee higher Authority

Have you ever listened about Domain Authority? Recently I was amazed to know that some PRO bloggers (Keeping their name secret) are totally unaware of the concept of Domain authority. Yes, when I asked a question about DA so they told me that what does it means.

For a few seconds I thought that if a blog can get success without caring about domain authority so this rank might not be very much important. However, when I investigated it in depth, I found that those bloggers were not violating any of the rules of building authority that why they have good Domain Authority.

Is it possible for everyone to get good domain authority without knowing the rule of the game? No, it is not possible at all. When has to be fully aware of the idea of Domain authority, its importance and how to improve it.

Only then you would be able build higher authority. The case shown in the above paragraph is an exception because those bloggers have the inherent ability to understand the blogging fundamentals that most people don’t have.

What is Domain Authority?

In simple words domain authority is one of the important search engine ranking factors that show the Authority of a blog or website. In other words DA shows how trusted, Informative and popular your content is.

Domain authority is ranked on a scale of 1-100. Besides the trust worthiness & popularity, blog with better Domain authority is indexed very quickly and have better chances of ranking in the top search results.

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How to Build Domain Authority?

SEOmoz is the organization that calculates Domain authority that is updated after every few weeks. Domain authority is calculated on the basis of over 150 factors however the most important elements can be grouped in the following four classes.

Quality Links

The first factor for building strong domain authority is the number and quality of inbound, outbound and inters page links. Avoid links from junky sites and concentrate on getting links from the authority sites with good Page rank.

Moreover the more sites links to you the easier it would be to build higher authority. Likewise your each post should contain two to three outbound links to the relevant resources.

Post inter linking is another important factor that might help you to build strong domain authority.

Domain Age

Domain age is yet another important factor however it is beyond our control. All you need to do is to update your site frequently. The idea behind domain age is the fact that Search engine likes and prefers those sites that have updated information and that tries to facilitate their readers.

Quality Content

Content is the king, and the king always has greater value. So in the case of domain authority, the quality of content matters a lot. Publishing spinning content with keyword stuffing would make it harder for you to get good domain authority.

On the other hand publishing, fresh content on the regular basis will make it easier to rank higher. Make sure that your content is free from any grammatical mistakes. Also, present your content in the best possible form that is easier for the readers to read.

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Content with an overwhelmed advertisement or blank areas or content with awkward font color or size are annoying for readers and hence can diminish your domain authority.


Another major factor for building domain authority is to expand the size of your post. The more you publish the more opportunities you get from the search engines to crawl and show your posts in the search results.

Therefore one should update posts at least after every day. However, publishing two posts per week will still work with the condition that you do not compromise on the quality.


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