5 Best Places for Startups To Get The Right Resources For Knowledge Enhancement

5 Best Places for Startups To Get The Right Resources For Knowledge Enhancement

These days businesses are in persistent demand to change the availability and accessibility of resources and technologies. Especially start-ups in India are in constant search for enhancement of their advantages. However, there are a few factors that could hamper it from doing so. Starting a new business from scratch is always a daunting task in terms of all arrangements and accessibility. This is true if you do not have the right resources to approach.

The startup community can leverage business synergies. For instance, a compliance company providing an Instamojo discount offer to help small businesses empower themselves with modern payment gateway at discounted rates. Once you enter the market, one has to get ready to face challenges. Without adequate assets and information about the market and product, one is likely to run into difficulties. There are many online platforms where a new business could learn about raising their business quickly and dominantly.

Many one-stop shops are stimulating new businesses and providing them with a handful of information at the initial stage. In earlier stages, it could become that start-ups end up overburdening themselves. Concerning administration, spending, sales, and marketing. Below are the lists of steps one can look into before starting a business. Let’s take a look.

Start-up India scheme.

PM Narendra Modi initially launched it on 16th January 2016. The initiative aspires to make a sturdy ecosystem to buttress and nurture transformations and start-ups in India. The main area where it touches upon is support via simplification, more comfortable and faster compliance, providing easy exit procedures for failed ones, legal consultation, more immediate patent application, and an authorized website to stop disinformation. It gives funding assistance and incentives, as well. GoI has also created a ‘fund of funds for start-ups’ with $1.3 billion for investment purposes in start-up beneath the start-up India program.

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Zone start-up.

Ryerson network functions accelerator programs across the world beneath the brand zone start-up. It has many things to offer, starting from services, resources to funding, and mentorship. Such as entry to talent, partners, and advisors (corporate), marketing, opportunities for promotion. They give seed capital to those start-ups which have higher potential. Fund sizes vary between US$66000 and US$400000.

UnLtd India.

It is useful to early-stage social entrepreneurs who are energetic to bring India’s socioeconomic changes by resolving its prominent issues. It buttresses them for the initial five years of their journey. It has supported start-ups in various fields like health, environment, sports, gender equality, agriculture, education, water and sanitation, energy, inclusive development, and housing.


It is a private venture pledged to offer essentials to start-ups in the initial stages. It possesses the experience of at least half a decade with many clients. It gives services such as legal document library, accounting, trademark registration and book-keeping. It prominently supports legal aspects from starting to compliance, providing helping hands in the registration of LLP, proprietorship, and company registration in India online – giving entrepreneurs wings to turn their dreams into reality with its massive network.


It is considered a creation of SIDBI, and it incubates to enlarge its support to small & medium businesses in India. An effective start-up stimulates to differentiate opportunities from the beginning and learn from it to businessmen and visionaries. It provides entrée to advancements of IITs and other reliable organizations. Furthermore, it advises start-ups and small & medium enterprises to apprehend how they can get insurance free credits from the bank, allied conventions, so on and so forth.

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There are multiple other organizations and platforms as well that are currently working on providing support and mentorship to start-ups in the beginning. Listing few here so that you can look into it on your own as PRISM’s ecopreneur promotion program, NASSCOM, Amity innovation incubator, Amrita TBI, Multiplier grants scheme, SME toolkit India, Power2SME and SIDBI start-up Mitra etc.

In conclusion.

As there are many available resources in the market, it could become challenging to pick the right one for your business. That is why it is necessary to understand and study your business diligently and understand its potential and capacity; then, only you will locate the right resources for your business. The things, as mentioned earlier, would surely assist you in that direction. India has a vibrant start-up ecosystem as per the NASSCOM Indian start-up ecosystem report. India is on the third rank when it comes to possessing the largest start-up ecosystem with a funding rate of 108% in 2017. Later year investment in start-ups skyrocketed. Passion drives individuals to search for new ideas and innovations; turning them into businesses depends on many other factors. What it demands is incubation, holistic support system, acceleration, and knowledge.

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