How to Choose the Right Metal Lockers for a School?    

How to Choose the Right Metal Lockers for a School?    

Students bring many things to school, such as laptops, books, keys, money, sports merchandise, gadgets, mobile phones, etc. And, it’s necessary that these belongings are kept safe. Lockers are an essential part of all educational institutions and ensure the safety of student’s essentials.

Used metal lockers are a great option if you are thinking of changing the lockers in your facility. They are a cheap and convenient way to store personal belongings. They offer many benefits as it’s convenient for the students to store their daily essentials at school. Also, they need not carry their stuff every day.

Metal lockers have many benefits. Some of the top benefits of used metal lockers are:

Benefits of Used Metal Lockers

  • Cost-effective: Used lockers are cheaper than the new ones. You can get them for half the price. This helps the school save a lot of money, especially when installing them in the whole facility.
  • Durable: Metal lockers are sturdy and can last for a long time. They don’t even require any maintenance as they are safe from pests.
  • Space-saving: Lockers can save space and help in organizing. They do look bulky but are pretty helpful in keeping the area clutter-free. All the excess belongings, assignments, and paperwork can be stored in the lockers, leaving more space on the desk. This helps clear the surroundings. Besides, they can be used for storing spare clothes for gym sessions or sports activities.
  • Offer Uniformity: Storage lockers look uniform and provide a tidy and clean look in the passage. As they are offered in various sizes and designs, it’s easy to choose a design that fits into the surroundings and gives a uniform look.
  • Safety and Security: Having storage lockers in the school offers a sense of safety to the students. They can carry their expensive gadgets at school without worrying about them getting stolen. Besides, by removing extra baggage from floors or desks, tripping or accidents can be prevented. As schools have restricted space and are crowded too, they are very prone to such accidents.
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Hence, lockers are a stylish and practical solution to revitalize and organize the space and reduce the clutter. But it’s essential to keep certain things in mind when buying them. Here are some tips which will help you choose the right used metal locker.

How to Choose the Right Metal Lockers for a School?

Purpose And Placement

When you decide to buy a locker, the first thing that should come to your mind is its purpose. Decide where it will be used and for what purpose. Different spaces in the school require different types and sizes of lockers.

For example, gym lockers are different from the hallway lockers or from music room lockers. Gym lockers are smaller than the hallway lockers and require more ventilation than them. So, before you buy the lockers, ensure that they fit the purpose.

Layout And Design

Next, consider the storage space needed within the locker. For example, there are full door, half door, triple door, box, and garment lockers. Also, the size of the locker is defined by the levels stacked on top of them.

So, you can choose from lockers available in one to six tiers. A one-tier unit is tall and long and perfect for the school hallway or classroom where students can hang their long coats and scarves during the winter.

Similarly, a two-tier locker is convenient to hang shorts items, clothing, books, gadgets, or papers. As the number of tiers increases, the storage space gets smaller. The height of the locker should also be considered to make it accessible for short students, especially the elementary school.

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Locker Accessories

Next comes the accessories such as handle, base, panel, and legs. You can choose from recessed, pull or lift handles. All of them are good and have their unique benefits. Recessed are good for security, while lift handles offer the quickest access to belongings. The door pull is the standard one. You can purchase lockers with or without legs. It’s just that legs will give some extra height to the locker.

Purchasing the right used metal lockers can be tricky, and you need to keep the above points in mind. You should also check the price of the lockers and compare the prices of all the sellers. The lockers should be of sound quality, and the pricing should be competitive too.

Also, make sure you do your research and find a seller who can provide you the best deal. Choose a reputed seller when purchasing the used metal lockers.

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