How to Make Hardware Functioning Easy on a Windows PC?

How to Make Hardware Functioning Easy on a Windows PC?

With the passage of time, there has been a wide development in the Windows versions. Today, Windows 10 is the best version you have in the market. It is much faster than its older versions. But there is still the scope to make it function better.

You can just follow some techniques to improve the hardware functioning on a Windows PC.

Tips To Improve the Hardware Functioning On A Windows PC

In this article, you will learn about some hacks to make the hardware functioning easy on a Windows PC.

1. Update the Windows and Device Drivers:

You should have the latest version of the Windows 10 installed on your PC. With updating Windows to their latest version, you can also select the correct device drivers and download their latest versions.

You can just select the manual or an automatic way to update the drivers. This will help in improving the functioning of the hardware system on your PC. You can either update the drivers through the device manager, or from the manufacturer’s website or by selecting a completely free driver updater software. For example, the Bit Driver Updater.

2. Get some Free Space:

When you have so many files stored in your hard-drive, it will always give you trouble. In order to get proper hardware functioning on your PC, try deleting unnecessary files. This will give you enough space to store your important files like, videos, audios, etc. If there will be sufficient space in the hard-drive, your PC will give optimum performance to you.

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There are various softwares available in the market to help you delete unwanted files. You can buy them for free of cost or some may ask you for some investment also. Like, the Duplicate Photo Finder software. It is considered as one of the best software to find duplicate photos. It will identify and remove all the identical photos from the hard drive. It will give you so much free space as well as improve your PCs performance.

3. Restart your PC:

Most of you incur this mistake of opening so many apps or tabs altogether. You should only open that tab on which you are currently working. Otherwise, this may reduce the performance level of your PC. Or if closing unwanted apps does not work out, then you can restart your computer. This helps a lot in increasing the functioning of the system.

Als, there are some apps that start as soon as the system is turned on. This may also affect the performance speed of the PC. So do not forget to disable these apps that start automatically along with the PC.

4. RAM can be added:

The lack of sufficient RAM in your PC may be the cause of its slow performance. If you will add or upgrade RAM into your PC, this may prove to be very useful. RAM helps in temporarily storing data and allows your PC to access it faster. In order to avoid looking into the hard-drive for data every time, the data is stored in the RAM.

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It is a very good option to upgrade RAM in your PC. It helps in smooth functioning of the entire system. It helps in avoiding the crashes that occur during the photo or a video editing. It makes web browsing much smoother. It helps in optimizing your PC for gaming activities. Thus, you should not ignore adding more RAM in your Windows PC.

5. SSD Startup Drive should be Installed:

Did you know that Adobe Photoshop applications can be easily loaded and used with the help of the SSD. Not only this, but you can also move the Windows Store Apps in from the hard-drive to the SSD. It can be moved in the Settings Apps and Features page.

If you are using an SSD which uses the USB 3.0 connection, then it will help you a lot in increasing the speed of the applications using a large storage space. In short, using an SSD instead of a normal hard-drive is not a bad option.

6. Always scan Viruses and Spywares:

Sometimes when a software is downloaded, it may bring unnecessary malware or some malicious contents. This may be very harmful for your PC. Therefore, you should try downloading antivirus and antimalware softwares. They will scan and identify all the viruses and spywares if any in your PC.

Also you can make use of Windows Security software to get rid of viruses. This type of software is already there in the Windows 10 version.


Hope this article will help you in improving the hardware functioning of your PC. You can try any of the tricks that best suits your situation. You have not just one but more than one tricks that you can try. If one does not work for you, you can try another way. But it is 100% sure that these tricks will definitely give you the solution to the PC performance related issues.

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