Top 4 benefits of investing in WD My Cloud

Top 4 benefits of investing in WD My Cloud

Every individual and business operates snd lives on data. It includes all your pictures, the videos you have on your phone, to all your crucial business data. You cannot function in either of these aspects if there is a case of data loss. Especially for businesses, it can lead to major privacy and security issues. Apart from external attacks such as hacking or viruses, internal risks are there too. Physical damage is a big one among them. For example, if your drop your phone and it breaks down, you might not be able to get back those thousands of memories in pictures back. This is why you have to invest in a technology that will offer you access and security across several platforms.

The WD My Cloud is a digital and software-enabled storage service. You can easily store the data onto it without worrying about damaging your phone or laptop. Also, the recovery in case of any minor issues is pretty easy too. A call to an expert data recovery service can help you retrieve back those files quickly. However, following safe internet practices is a must in any case. If you are not convinced about investing in WD My Cloud storage, go through these benefits:

Access through several devices

Taking up the above scenario, when you broke the phone, you can risk data loss. However, if you use WD My Cloud service, you can easily get it all back on your new phone or laptop. It is accessible remotely and through the registered devices. That’s is why you wouldn’t have to worry about losing all those precious files. Also, for business information, the failure of a computer or a laptop would not harm business operations. You can just go on by using a new device and downloading back the data from the cloud.

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No need for external storage devices

You wouldn’t have to invest in multiple storage options and keep track of them. This cloud service would store all your data over the software. This cuts down on the overall need and costs for storage devices such as hard drives or flash drives. It also provides convenience as you don’t have to worry about physical damage to such devices. Internet access and your laptop are the only things needed to access the data at all times.

Automatic backups

The WD My Cloud service also offers an automatic backup of all your data. So even if you forget to upload the files manually, it will do it for you. It is the perfect choice if you want such ease in your business operations. Also, it will easily backup all your pictures or videos from your device for your personal data.

Central storage and sharing

Sharing the files among the family or between your employees is much easier through the WD My Cloud service. Everyone has access to the portal, and they log onto see the data. All you would need is to ensure that you engage in safe internet practices. Sharing them with unreliable sources can put you at risk. In such a case, WD My Cloud data recovery services would be your best choice.



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