How To Connect Wifi Router To Another Wifi Router Without Wire

How To Connect Wifi Router To Another Wifi Router Without Wire

Have you ever tried connecting a wifi router to another without a cable? Did you succeed or fail? Well, if you are struggling to get there, this is the perfect article for you to begin with. I have jotted down some easy peasy steps that will help you connect your one wifi router to another wifi router without using a wire. To connect two wifis, you will need an ethernet cable and a simple cable.

And If you are ready with everything, then let us scroll down!

In order to get the configuration to the wifi router, you need to have the router

 interface access to both the routers you want to connect wirelessly.

The next step is to know the IP Address of the wifi router. Having this address, you get access to the web interface and configure it to a wireless mode.

Steps to connect the wifi router to another wifi router without a wire:

  1. To begin to connect both the routers, you need to decide which is the main wifi
  2. Once you decide on the main wifi router, connect it with the modem or the wall outlet, whichever is installed in your
  3. If both the routers are the same, you can choose any of them as the primary router.
  4. Next up is to select the second wifi router to extend it with the primary network.
  5. This is an important step as this assures you good access to the Place both of them near to the device you are operating on.
  6. Now use an Ethernet cable to connect both the routers to each It may be a LAN-to-LAN or LAN-to-WAN connection.
  7. The LAN to LAN connection allows you to join the second router to the connection.
  8. The LAN to WAN creates a second network inside the primary You can create restrictions on the devices with this connection.
  9. The next step is to do the initial setup Here you will have to use an ethernet cable to connect the main router with the modem.
  10. Now with a cable, connect the modem to the main
  11. Now connect the PC and the router with each other using another ethernet cable.
  12. Next is the configuration of the wifi
  13. Change the DHCP Note that if you are changing it from LAN to LAN network, then let the settings be on default.
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Do the following in the DHCP settings:

Set the primary router’s address between addresses between 1.2 and from the router’s page.

  1. Now you need to configure the second router in the same
  2. Go on the router’s page to change the IP address in a way that matches the primary router. Then increase the second last digit by one number. If it is, then make it 152.1.1.
  3. If you want to make it a LAN to WAN connection, then increase the digits by This means if it is, then make it
  4. Configure the DHCP to the second router, and this will change the wireless channel. Now the signals won’t interfere with each
  5. Now join an ethernet cable between the two
  6. In the end, join the routers by plugging one of the cables into any LAN port of the main router. The other end of the cable will be plugged into the back of the second This marks the completion of the process.

Phew! That was so simple, right? Let me know your struggles in connecting the two wifi routers without using a wire.

That is how you connect two wifi routers without a wire but using the amazing ethernet network. Ethernet network is a blessing in the form of technology. It is a set of networks that connect di”erent wired computer networking connections with one common connection. Let us know in the comments what more you would like to read from us in future posts.

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