How to convert TLM to WAX?

How to convert TLM to WAX?

When you’re new to Alien Worlds, you’re certainly unsure how to obtain better mining equipment. Transferring TLM – Alien World’s in-game currency – into WAX tokens is the greatest method to gain better equipment without investing real money.

Participants can now transfer their TLM tokens from the Wax network to the Binance Smart Chain, or BSC, in Alien Worlds. The adventurers can utilize their TLM tokens in an operational DeFi market when they get to their destinations, which is impossible on the Wax blockchain.

What is Allen World Games?

Alien Worlds is among the most popular blockchain games right now. As per the DappRadar Rankings, the mining strategy game has seen 161,700 distinct wallets connect to it in the last seven days alone. 

Alien Worlds is perhaps the most popular game in the industry regarding unique active wallets, with only Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and NBA Top Shot attracting a larger following.

Gamers gain Trillium when enjoying Alien Worlds (TLM). This is a Wax-based coin, and there is now teleportation to transfer these tokens to the Binance Smart Chain. Let’s have a look at how the TLM to WAX convert functions.

How to Sell TLM for WAX Token?

Using a WAX-based exchange to monetize your TLM coins is the simplest method to do it. The WAX Alcor exchange comes highly recommended. 

How to convert TLM to WAX?

The following steps will allow you to convert TLM to WAX:

  1. Log in to the TLM WAX market on the Alcor exchange using your WAX wallet.
  2. Determine the price in WAX for which you wish to sell your TLM in the pricing box, or select the Market Price choice to exchange at the best cost possible right now.
  3. If you want to purchase WAX right now, we recommend utilizing the Market Price.
  4. In the quantity box, type the amount of TLM you want to sell.
  5. Check the entire amount of WAX you’ll receive in the full box.
  6. To complete the transaction, press the sell button and sign the contract.
  7. When your sell order is performed (which should be quite quickly), you will receive WAX tokens in exchange for your TLM.

Now that you have those, you may select what to do with your WAX tokens. We suggest purchasing additional tools through the AtomicHub marketplace.

You may purchase whatever equipment you require by going to AtomicHub and looking at the Alien Worlds tool schema. The equipment will show in your collection after you have purchased it. Also learn about Stake VeChain here. 

Alien Worlds and Wax Exchange Benefits 

Users expect a profit or a more lucrative investment when they trade bitcoins. This exchange provides customers with all of the necessary tools to properly process the available data and exchange the coin at the appropriate time.

Users do not need to create an account to utilize this service. Users can start exchanging cryptocurrencies right now. There are no restrictions on the number of coins that can be exchanged. Users can do as many exchange transactions and cryptocurrency coin exchanges as they like. There are over 200 coins to choose from.

A fixed or floating rate of exchange is available to users. When customers select a fixed exchange rate, it is valid for half an hour. That is plenty of time to make a transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it true that all Alien Worlds to Wax transactions are kept private?

Yes, all TLM to WAX conversions is completely confidential. It does not require any personal information from you.

What is the maximum amount of TLM that may be exchanged for WAX?

You are the only one who can set the restrictions while converting TLM to WAX.

How can you compare TLM and WAX?

The most convenient approach to comparing cryptocurrencies is using the Alien Worlds to Wax exchange rate.

Convert TLM to WAX Now!

The finest TLM to WAX exchange searches for the best rates. After customers provide the necessary information, the program explores the most profitable Alien Worlds to Wax conversion rate and completes the transaction.


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