How to Hide Your Browsing History

How to Hide Your Browsing History

Keeping your browsing history safe is as important as protecting and preserving sensitive information from unauthorized access. From making an online transaction to logging to your professional or personal account, or posting on social media, anything can be compromised. Hence it is always advised to keep browsing history safe and secure.

The reason to secure browsing history may be many and can be different for individual reasons, but in a nutshell, what is required is to hide your browsing history safely. One can choose to clear the browsing history manually, but if they want they can also use the third-party apps available.

Private Browser Care app is one such app from Systweak Software that leaves no history behind and effectively clears your browsing history safeguarding it from any attacks.

What It Is And How Does It Work?

No one wants their data to be compromised, and when we are talking about the browsing history it definitely should be kept safe from hackers. Compromised data and browsing history can be very dangerous and poses numerous threats. It makes all your data and login details available to attackers and they can misuse it to every extent.

Hence an app that can cleverly safeguard your browsing history is mandated. Private Browse Care App is an excellent app meant for Android devices and tablets that ensures users’ privacy. It ensures that whatever you browse is not tracked by anyone and is completely free to use. Not only has this it also improved the browsing speed.

Since the Browser Care app does not save any browsing history, cookies, caches, password, no third-party site can ever steal this information thereby creating a safe wall to hide your browsing history.

Features of Private Browser Care:

Features of Private Browser Care

Private Browser Care is a powerhouse of features which are listed below, so continue reading to know more about it:

1. Browse With Privacy:

Now you can browse the Internet without thinking that it can be compromised. While you use this app, it makes sure that no data related to your Internet surfing is saved on your Android device or a server. Since it does not save any data, there is no chance it can be accessed illegitimately as it was not present in the first place.

2. Browse With Speed:

Private Browser Care not only secures your browsing history and enhances the entire browsing experience. It is a light app that is fast and responsive, does not have ad-on and extensions. Hence the overall experience is not only seamless but is also fast without any interruptions and speed issues.

3. Different Browsing Modes:

Other than hiding your browsing history, the Private Browser app also allows you to switch between the mobile and desktop version of a website with a single click.

4. Other Amazing Features:

Apart from hiding your browsing data, securing your browsing data, the Private Browser Care app is a warehouse of other features too.

Since it is only 4MB in size, it easily fits without occupying any storage space. Using this nifty app one can easily open multiple tabs at the same time without affecting the browsing speed.

Users can also download data at a faster speed and blocks all types of data from being accessed by the web trackers.

Since no data is saved, it consumes very little Internet data and promotes faster browsing.

There were some amazing features of the Private Browser Care app using which you can keep your browsing history safe as well as improve your browsing experience.

How Does Private Browser Care Work?


This app hides your browsing history and keeps it safe from hackers. Let’s now see how you can use the Private Browser App on your Android and tablets and clear the browsing history.

  • Download and Install the Private Browse app on your Android device.
  • Once installed, launch it and simply enter the URL in the address bar.

How Does Private Browser Care Work

  • This will open the URL in no time and you can enjoy surfing the Internet.
  • If you wish to open a new tab, simply click on the hamburger icon present on the top-right corner of the app and add a new tab.

Tab Browsing

  • While browsing, you can also switch between the mobile and desktop versions of the website as per convenience.
  • After you have finished browsing and have come out of the application, all the browsing data, cookies, cache, passwords, etc will be deleted securely. All the browsing history is cleared in such a manner as it never existed.

App Requirements:

App Version:

Size: 2.9M

Compatibility: Private Browser Care app is compatible with Android version 5.0 and up.

No application can delete browsing history from everywhere. Having said that the same applies to Private Browsing Care apps too since one can never hide the browsing details from their Internet Service Provider, Network Admin in your School or offices. But the app assures that no outsider or hacker or attacker can ever steal your data and misuse it.

Download this effective app today and hide your browsing history and never leave any footprints.



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