How to Hire Best React Native Developer: Step-By-Step Guide for Recruiter

How to Hire Best React Native Developer: Step-By-Step Guide for Recruiter


Have you ever thought about walking on a tight rope? Else, let’s say it like this. Have you ever opt for hiring React Native Developer just after starting a new project? Then you must be well aware of how stupid it becomes to find out the lack of qualified persons. Even after they are found; then such React Native developers show their presence only when offered a good salary.

There is a question that creates headaches among IT companies-‘How to hire the best React Native developer?’ It is the question that is currently creating a buzz, and why not? The given technology has become a savior technology for most of the businesses related to the IT sector. Its apps are robust, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly with a high-level of performance. Besides, it has become an instant hit among the developers that is evident from the fact that it has crossed more than 550 million downloads/month in the early 2020s.

Nevertheless, the efforts taken to hire React Native Developer are the same as walking on a tight rope. If you approach it without any preparation, you will surely fall beneath it severely. But if you take some time off to devise a proper strategy, and then you will be able to find skillful React Native developers.

Since the given technology becomes adorable among developers, it’s the job of the companies to pick the best one from the crowd that will help them fulfilling their core vision.

So, here’s how to find the best among the React Native developers by doing the below-given crucial facts:

  • Knowledge of must-have skills among Real Native Developer
  • Looking for them at the right place
  • Preparing a unique job requirement to attract the best talent
  • Conduction of interview with right questions

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Knowledge of Skills in Developer one is Looking Out

Before turning towards the procedure of actual hiring of the React Native developers, let’s have a discussion on the skills (both hard and soft) that must be possessed by the candidates. Essentially, one must look for a React Native developer that has a firm grip on core concepts associated with React JS with some working experience also. So, there are couples of skills that a candidate applying for the given job should have with them.

I.   Hard Skills Required for React Native Developers

a)     To become a good React Native Developer, Knowledge of JavaScript is a must

In the React Native app development, the core programming language used in it is JavaScript. The candidate should have deep knowledge about the given language, and it creates sense! This language is the soul of cross-platform mobile app development. So, the applying candidate must know how to structure services and application logic, build components, and have a good understanding of its flow.

b)     Good Proficiency in Basic React Assumptions

For a good React Native developer, they should be familiar with some essential concepts of the component lifecycle of the mobile app, such as JSX and Virtual DOM. One must check the understanding of the candidates about the given React assumptions precisely.

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c)      Must-Have Proficiency in Working with React Native Projects

Even if a company is hiring junior developers, they must have some proficiency in working on React Native projects so that they are well-versed in its components, APIs, frameworks, and libraries.

d)     Have Experience working on iOS & Android Development Projects

The main objective of the React Native developers is to focus on building precisely cross-platform apps. Thus, they must be conversant with iOS and Android UI that makes the app look more React Native in performance and follow all major guidelines.

e)     Perfect in Writing JavaScript Code

As the given language works on JavaScript, one must be efficient to write error-free and readable code. It will help in the proper maintenance of the app at present. Moreover,  it also opens a window for the scope of improvement in the future.

f)      Familiarity with Crucial React Native Tools

Just having knowledge of React Native is not enough. The applying candidates must have some basic knowledge about some of its essential tools like Enzyme, Redux, and Hockeyapp.

     II.          Soft Skills Required for React Native Developers

If one thinks that technical skills are what the need of the hour, they are wrong! It is because to create a successful business, one must possess some essential soft skills to make the product look great among the customers.

The developer must have good communication skills, be a problem solver as well as a team player. Also, they should not confine them in conventional ways. Instead, they should seek constructive feedback to convert criticism into exciting opportunities.

Finally, one must hire people that are a perfect fit for their company’s culture. Only then will they be able to work in the team and feel comfortable functioning in tandem with other team members.

Step 2: Look out for Candidates Present in the Right Place

So, where does one can found the best React Native developers? It is a stupid act to select from all hiring portals. One needs to look at the right places to find a suitable candidate!

Some of the popular recruiting sites to seek appropriate candidates are Indeed, Glassdoor and Technojobs. Besides, another popular employee searching site is LinkedIn that allows employers to search for the right candidates through advanced tools.

Furthermore, if a company does not want to waste their time searching and interviewing candidates, they can contact a recruiting company. Why? It is because they will help them to find a perfect match for their required work designation.

Step 3: Writing a Creative Job Description for Position of React Native Developer

One will always think that just writing some set of skills that must be known by the candidates and their work is accomplished. Right, isn’t it?

Well, there is much more than writing a good description for the job position to-‘hire React Native developer’.

It is essential for a company to position itself as a desirable employer in the eyes of the brilliant developers who are seeking some exciting and challenging roles. Posting of the boring (and conventional) job description will wean away from the brightest mind from them.

Likewise, one must also use their job description to scare away unwanted applicants that show that the company strictly prefers quality. To make it more genuine, they can specify that only those candidates with certain specialization or experience can apply for this job.

Thus, an ideal job description to attract promising React Native developers into one’s fold us described as follows:

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‘An innovative team working for [Company Name] is searching for a React Native developer. If you are expertise in building creative mobile apps for iOS and Android, looking for more career opportunities, and keen to become a part of developing more marvelous products, we’re looking just for you. You will have to work closely with the team, and it will be your responsibility to assist them in developing highly advanced app products.’

Job Responsibilities:

  • Experience in working as React Native developer for 1-3 years and building mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • In-depth knowledge of programming language like JavaScript and proficiency in writing clean and well-documented code
  • Experience with REST APIs and third-party dependencies
  • Proven experience in working with HTML5, Typescript with knowledge of frontend-based languages as an additional bonus
  • Ability to work in a team and have a good problem-solving outlook

After completion of preparing the job-description, the management should post their job vacancy on the recruiting websites and even can share on their social media accounts.

Step 4: Asking the Right Questions during Interview

It is the most crucial aspect of the voyage of hiring the best React Native developers. Once choosing some of the promising prospects from a large number of candidates, selecting the one that will suit one’s business needs is a challenging task.

Moreover, the management of the company must keep in mind that one doesn’t require the candidates with the most experience or with a high degree. More on the point, the company’s management should emphasize selecting a candidate, that although have low experience but knows the IT industry well. Besides, they should also possess greater wisdom for clearly giving justice to their job.

Though difficult, yet it is not impossible to select the best possible applicant from the crowd. How to do it? It is done by asking the hopeful candidates a set of genuine questions during the interview.

So, here’s a roundup of some of the questions that the management can ask during an interview to single out the suitable React Native developer through many available options:

  1. What is React Native?
  2. Give the list of core components of React Native.
  3. How can you differentiate between React, React Native & React JS?
  4. How is React Native beneficial for building mobile applications?
  5. Give an overview of some mobile apps created using React Native.
  6. What are a few tools and skill sets essential in developing a mobile app via React Native?
  7. How do you begin the development of the React Native app?
  8. What are the greatest strengths of the React Native platform?
  9. What are the limitations of React Native?
  10. How can you install React Native?
  11. What are state and props in React Native?
  12. How React Native is better than ‘Native’?
  13. Is it possible to run React Native app on Android?
  14. Name a few companies that build their mobile apps using React Native.
  15. Use React Native to write a program displaying-‘Hello World.’

These are some of the decisive questions that will help the interviewer to get access to the knowledge of the developer about React Native.

Step 5: Pick the Perfect Applicant that Fits One’s Business Prospect

After going through the above-given questions, one must ask questions related to the current happening in the IT industry. Besides, there should be a better assessment of the familiarity of applicants concerning the usage of software, hardware, and other digital applications.

It is prudent that the applicant might fail to comply with all the things asked from them. Yet, there should be a level of curiosity and willingness to learn among them. So, the selection of those candidates that show a high level of enthusiasm to work on the company’s project will only add more value to it.

Last, but not the Least

If one wants to enhance the value of their mobile app, one has to search for the best React Native developers. Though it is a tiring process, yet the company will reap a reward if they find a worthy candidate that will be good not only for them but also for the React Native team.

Thus, putting all the experience in finding an ideal React Native developer that fits the requirements and understand the vision, then the company will be successful in offering precise quality mobile apps to their customers successfully.


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