Complete Guide on How to Become a Python developer

Complete Guide on How to Become a Python developer

Python is fast catching up in the world of Java. This programming language is becoming popular by the day, and so are its developers. The supply of Python developers doesn’t meet its demand making Python development lucrative because its services cost a lot. Reading this article shows that you have an interest in becoming a Python developer.

In this article, we are going to focus on how one can become a Python developer and how to land a job in the language programming industry. I can assure you that you will find this article worth it.

We are going to look into all that in a bit. But first, let’s give you the benefits of learning Python.

Benefits of Learning Python

There is a good reason why Python is ranked third in the TIOBE index. This means that it is the third most popular programming language. One of the reasons is that Python is the best option for both novice and experienced coders. Python was ranked number 1 in 2019 in the list of top programming languages by the IEEE Spectrum.

Python is the preferred programming language when it comes to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The language also has superb multiple libraries and analytical capabilities, making it perfect for these domains. For a multi-purpose language, Python is very powerful.

Now that you know the benefits of learning Python let’s dive quickly into how one can become a Python developer

How to Become a Reliable Python Developer

Here is a roadmap to becoming a Python developer:

  • Know the reason why you want to learn Python.
  • Check out online tutorials such as DataFlair. This directory has a detailed list of reliable Python development tutorials. Keep practicing as you learn how to develop Python, as this will help you perfect your skills.
  • There are also good books that contain vital information on Python development. Once you’ve read and learned the basics, you can enroll in an online Python course. An online course on Python will help you understand different concepts, tackle assignments, solve practicals, and work on projects.
  • To get acquainted with different constructs, continue reading the official Python documentation.
  • To find out how Python works, it’s also good to check the source code of your favorite Python package.
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If you want to become the next Python developer, these steps are necessary:

  1. Know what you need to learn first in Python Know the basics

  •  The first thing that you have to start learning is the history of Python, the syntax, its installation, and its basic constructs. Its constructs include variables, operators, and statements.
  • It is also good to know Python’s applications and also understand the difference between Python 2 and 3.
  • Other aspects you need to focus on are the basic data structures such as assets, lists, and dictionaries.
  • Loops and decision making are also other vital aspects that you have to focus on.
  • Creating vital environments is also one of the things you have to know about Python.
  • After that, go to recursion and functions.
  • Continue with object-oriented concepts such as overloading and inheritance, and methods and classes.
  • Understand how packages and modules work, which will help you with namedtuple, os, and calendar, which are common modules.
  • You also need to learn how to handle files, decorators and generators, and deep copying and shallow, which are complex topics.
  • Get to know how to generate regular expressions and random numbers and how to use them.
  • Multiprocessing, XML processing, and networking are complex topics that you need to understand.
  • Building GUIs using Python should also be learned.
  • Understand how to go about Pandas, SciPy, and NumPy.
  • Be knowledgeable about unit-test, debugging, serialize, log, and how to access the database.
  1. What you need to master in Python 

  • Frameworks

Understanding what frameworks are and how to work with them is also vital if you want to be a Python developer. Some of the major frameworks in Python include CherryPy, Django, and Flask. Using the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, Django is a powerful framework to start with. This framework takes care of trivial stuff and simplifies work for you.

  • ORM Libraries 
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In full, ORM means Object Relational Mapping which is a method of using an object-oriented paradigm to query and manipulate data from a database. You can also learn how to SQLAlchemy and Django ORM, which is ORM libraries. Unlike writing SQL, this method is much faster and simple.


Learning how to become a Python developer is a wise decision if you want to earn lucrative money. The bottom line is that the supply of Python developers is limited, and demand is very high. As you can see, learning Python is not that hard, and if you venture into the Python developing career, this is a good place to start.

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