How to use the smartphone in your daily life?

How to use the smartphone in your daily life?

Smart phones are starting to become the source of our lives rather than being a part of our lives. When we go out, the number of people walking looking forward is less than the number of people walking looking at the phone in their hand. While waiting for their girlfriend or friend on a corner, we see that people have smartphones in their hands. “How do we find an address?” we have no problem left. If we have a smartphone and an internet package to use outside, we are not lucky if the charge of our phone is enough to handle us outside. Telephones, which have become devices that direct our lives, carry the title of smart and provide all kinds of opportunities we may need.

He Tells You Where To Go!

How Has Human Life Changed Since Telephones Got Smarter? For the first time, we are able to reach our destination very easily by using the map application from the phone. Places to see in the world, cheap shopping sites, weather conditions can be followed very easily via smart mobile phones, and information about everything from where to what to eat can be obtained. While smart phones greatly facilitate human life, they actually weaken his thinking ability. It is a fact emphasized by psychologists and psychiatrists that although people like to achieve the desired things without getting tired, being constantly busy with smartphones weakens human relations and leads people to depression.

Is the Mobile Phone a Part of Our Life or the Whole?

In a study conducted in the USA, it was found that 45% of the people using smartphones could not do without their phones. In addition, it is emphasized that carrying the phones in a hand-grip position may cause damage to the thumb nerves over time. Using mobile phones especially at night to cause sleep disturbance, inability to rest completely due to sleep disturbance, restlessness during the day, state of nervousness,

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According to a study conducted on people using smart phones, people who are phone addicts check their phones at least 60 times a day. In the study, which reported that the most telephone addicts were young people, it was pointed out that this situation was higher in the 18-29 age range. According to the information obtained, it was determined that the number of short messages sent per day was 109 and the number of received messages was 113. In line with these data, the fact that there are quite a lot of smartphone addicts around the world emerges. In the case of nomophobia, which is an extreme form of smartphone addiction, people may experience serious stress and nervous disorders when they cannot be aware of the internet through their phones.

Both Smart and Functional

How Has Human Life Changed Since Telephones Got Smarter? The development of technology, the establishment of navigation systems, provides the opportunity to know which bus will pass at which stop at which time. It is possible to fit calculators and notebooks into mobile phones, and to use programs and tools that may be needed in daily life, such as pedometer, through a single device.

The sense of curiosity that smart phones arouse in people, the desire to check the incoming messages every minute or the desire to play the games loaded on the phones constantly, the curiosity of what will happen in the next episode increases the phone addiction gradually and weakens the communication between people.

Comfortable commuting to work

The number of family members who stay in the same environment for a few hours and do not drop their mobile phones instead of chatting is increasing day by day. People who prefer to communicate with each other to spend time with their mobile phones disrupt their daily work because of these devices. The fact that smartphones are constantly included in our lives and we cannot live without them causes situations such as distraction and inability to concentrate on the work we do.  The smart phone is also use for getting fame on social media through Instagram. Because everybody want to get fame and want more fans on social media.  Here  we suggest some legit sites who provide all social media services at a very cheap rate . is one of the most famous site to provide social media services. All of in this procedure you need to do some important step to get all of these services. While we can do a lot of work and activities that we can be more productive within 24 hours, spending at least a quarter of our day with smart phones gradually decreases our quality of life. Nowadays, when people do not look at each other, looking after another person is also a reason for quarrels, and nobody can tolerate anyone. Increasing lack of communication leads to weakening of interpersonal relations and this causes people to be uneasy in society. Unless people realize that they are dulling their communication skills, people they do not know in face-to-face communication become less understanding even towards people they know.

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Smarter lives

The reason for this is that technological devices that change and develop day by day allow us to endure easy grace with less trouble. In this way, nobody gets tired too much, so when they encounter a situation that needs to be tired, they get angry. While the alternatives offered by smart phones allow people to easily reach the things they want in a virtual environment, for example, people are pleased when they come to the door of the shoe they order from the internet, but they are not very happy when they have something to buy themselves. Especially if there is a problem with the product he bought and he needs to go to the store again, it irritates the person twice. In an age where we are used to convenience, smart mobile phones tell people, “Don’t get tired, I think for you, I make sure what you want happens to you.”

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