How to Move On-Premise Exchange to Office 365 – Secure & Reliable Solution

How to Move On-Premise Exchange to Office 365 – Secure & Reliable Solution

Summary: This article is specially designed for users, who are seeking for an easy and reliable solution to migrate on-premise Exchange to Office 365. Just go through this article, and you will get a reliable solution for the same.

However, before diving into the step by step solution, let’s have a glance at real life situation through the user’s query.

User’s Concern

“Our organization was using on premise exchange for years now, then they have planned for a switch to Office 365. Now I have been assigned this task, I am looking for a smart tool, which can help me to migrate on premise Exchange to Office 365. Can anyone suggest me the same? Thanks in Advance”

There can be various reasons, when the users may need to migrate their data from on premise Exchange to Office 365. A few of them are listed below:

  • It has possible downtime involved
  • Needs to keep up to date and regular maintenance
  • It requires server expertise
  • High upfront cost required
  • Needs infrastructure and energy

These are only a few reasons that can create an urgent need for exchange on-premise to Office 365 migration. However, Office 365 has its own benefits to make you on board. As using Office 365 becomes cost-effective, it provides users maximum uptime, along with regular updates and security compliances. Moreover, you don’t have a need to create massive infrastructure for its services. Therefore, it became a quite common operation nowadays.

Now, let’s discuss the different ways to carry out this migration project safely.

There are few ways provided by Microsoft for this task, unfortunately, none of them are direct or reliable, as it consists of a lengthy and laborious process. Moreover, these have their own shortcomings as well.

Trouble-Free Way to Transfer/ Move On-Premise Mailboxes to Office 365

It is recommended for users to use an automated utility for this operation, as this is an entire data transfer for an organization. As the other approaches could be technical and minor mistakes in those methods can result in sensitive and crucial data loss.

And as far as data security is concerned, we would suggest you use Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool, this is a brilliant utility that ensures maximum data protection throughout the whole migration process in Microsoft 365. The seamless performance makes this utility a one-stop solution for this type of data transfer.

Features Make the Utility One Stop Solution for Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration

  • It exports the user’s mailbox quickly at a speed of 40 GB* per hour
  • It has no limitation on user account size, n number of users can be migrated
  • It enables users to migrate mailbox from sub domains as well
  • It provides a facility of selective data migration
  • It maintains the folder structure and hierarchy
  • It fetches the users from the server and also provides an option to import CSV
  • It can prioritize the user account for the prior migration from the queue
  • It also provides a complete detailed report of the process.

There are only a few features that come with the utility, apart from this, it comes with a free demo version. Users can avail themselves of a free demo of this utility by downloading and activating it. The demo version can migrate for 3 users accounts and for furthermore migration, users need to upgrade it.

Quick Steps to Migrate On-Premise Exchange to Office 365 are:

Step 1: Download & Launch the utility

Step 2: Select Exchange & Office 365 platforms

Step 3: Validate Exchange & Office 365 admin accounts

Step 4: Map source & Destination mailboxes

Step 5: Validate and start the migration

Detailed Steps for Exchange On Premise to Office 365 Migration with Screenshots

  • Launch Exchange On Premise to Office 365 Migration tool on your machine.

  • Now, you have to select the migration platform, select Exchange & Office 365 as the source, and destination migration platforms.

  • You can use the Date & Category Filter for selective data migration.

  • In this step, you have to authenticate the Admin accounts of Exchange & Office 365.
  • Create a mapping of the source and the destination mailboxes, and click on the Start Migration button in order to migrate On-Premise to Office 365.

Free Demo

You can download this amazing software and avail the free demo version. You can use this demo version in order to self-verify the performance and working, moreover, does version can be used to migrate two user accounts for free. For further migration, you have to purchase the license of this software.

Bringing It All Together

Exchange on premise to Office 365 migration, can be a tedious task if followed the wrong approach. There is various software available in the market today for this operation, however, as far as data safety is a concerned, the above-mentioned tool is the most reliable tool for this data migration project as it ensures 100% data protection & integrity throughout the whole process.


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