How to Post photos on Instagram from Desktop or Laptop

How to Post photos on Instagram from Desktop or Laptop

Instagram legally forbids its users from sharing images and videos on a mobile computer. Just a few months ago, the social network acquired by Facebook in 2012 changed its rules by allowing users to share pictures from a Web browser for their smartphone.

It’s really easy to post Instagram on your PC or Mac. To do that, you actually have to assume your website is interpreted by modifying the user interface, also known as the user account, from a mobile device. You can thus mark yourself on the website you visit so that the page display is compatible with the mobile screen.

The browser extension can be used to quickly modify the user agent of your browser. We use Google Chrome in our example and the Google User-Agent Switcher extension to manipulate:

Instagram on Desktop

First of all, you only need to check for Instagram on the internet from your computer to access the online edition of Instagram.
Whilst other features are the same as the smartphone app (comments, likes, search …), it does not include the very heart of this social network, the Publish Photo Feature. Without it, new publications on the web can not be made available.

Yes, the first page shows your photostream with 3 icons, Explorer, Notifications, and Profile at the right top, as soon as you log in to your account from your phone.

You can opt to switch between different profiles or to return images from your smartphone that have already been downloaded. You won’t have anyway, however, to edit or add new streams.

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Upload Images From Laptop To Instagram

You may not consider it easy, but nothing can stop you, via a third-party application, from uploading images on Instagram from his website or Windows app.

The Instagram feature on Windows is extended by applications. One is an extension called User-Agent Switcher for Chrome.

You can modify your computer’s User Agent during the browsing process with this tool. Yes, when you navigate from your Mac, you will benefit from a connection as on the mobile with User-Agent Switcher.

A version of the Instagram program optimized for the device can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Nonetheless, you can not post content on your Instagram page. The issue remains the same.

As with the mobile application, thanks to its Photo Publish feature, you can share your pictures and publish new posts.
Go to the Chrome Web Store and link it to the Chrome browser to get it. When enabled, just press the black mask icon on the right-hand side of the screen to select from many user agents, including iOS or Android.

You can also run Vivaldi on your Windows free if you want. The mobile application can be replicated on your Computer using a customized Browser.

The use of it is quick and simple installed:

  • Go via Vivaldi to and sign in to your account.
  • To attach the web panel option, click the + icon. The desktop Instagram edition will now be shown to the left.

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