How To Prank Your Boyfriend Over the Phone Call?

How To Prank Your Boyfriend Over the Phone Call?

Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is not only about having dinner together or going shopping; they need to love each other. Consequently, it is crucial to show their love to one another. Pranking is one of the ways to do this. Taunting loved ones for a couple of minutes then revealing the truth is one of the best feelings one can have.

If you are looking for the answer from How to prank your boyfriend over the phone call, you are probably at the right place. Here we will look into various strategies and ideas for the same.

How To Prank Your Boyfriend Over the Phone Call- Methods

If you have made up your mind to prank on your boyfriend over a phone call, you are going to have the best experience ever. You can follow one of the following strategies to taunt your loved one:

Make Anonymous call

Try a fake calling app or borrow a phone from another person to make an anonymous call to your boyfriend. Try talking to him as if you were a new girl interested in him or any other working idea to see what his reaction is. Let us check out other fascinating options in the coming lines.

Taunt with a lie

If you don’t want to make an anonymous call, try making an ordinary call from your number and roast him with a lie for a couple of minutes. Girls often love relishing looking at a frustrated boyfriend.

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Some Hilarious Pranking Ideas

If you have decided to choose the second option to prank: taunt with a lie, you may check out the following ideas to implement. While some of these picks are trendy, some are classic methods that work any time.

Mimic the Boss

Being a dear mate of your boyfriend, you must have inferred his profile in the workplace. Why don’t you try mimicking his boss to say that he is fired? This prank can be easy if you are well aware of the work scenario. If you feel it is taxing to mimic his boss, try to find an outfit where there is any lady in his superiors and try mimicking her to make your task easy.

Bald Prank

Boys seldom love to cuddle and play with their girlfriend’s hair. If your boyfriend loves your hair, try taunting him with the same. Make a random call to him and say you are bald and the hair he loves is actually artificial. You may also try saying that you have gone bald due to some reasons and see how he reacts for the same.

Pregnancy Prank

This prank can prove you to be a great actor when employed well. Make a random call, with a null voice stating that you are pregnant. Let him recall how this happened. If he loves to hear this news, he will be overjoyed. Even if he doesn’t like it, you can recall beautiful moments that took place a few months ago effortlessly.

Fake Cheating

Loyal boys often don’t doubt but feel quite possessive for their girls. You can play on this for some time. Try saying that you are going to have a sleepover with a friend and don’t specify the gender. Let him call your friends to know the truth. You can also state that a cute guy in the college is flirting with you, and you love it. Give him time to get tense and then make the big reveal.

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Make sure that your boyfriend takes pranks sportively later; else, you may be in big trouble.

Summing Up

We hope to have answered your query: How to prank your boyfriend over the phone call. Our picks can be successful effortlessly. If you want to check for more, you can easily get millions of ideas from friends and the internet too. Note that you need to be ethical during making pranks and ensure the prank doesn’t last too long. Longer pranks can eventually go in vain or cause serious issues later on. We hope you are ready now to attack your boyfriend; get ready with relevant gears now to incept.


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