How to prepare your voice for studio sessions

How to prepare your voice for studio sessions

Preparations play a vital role in your studio sessions. There are plenty of things that you must keep in mind while preparing your voice for a studio session. By preparing for your recording sessions, you can save your time as well as effort, so it becomes necessary to be both physically and mentally prepared for your session. Here are a few tips that can help you to prepare for your sessions:-

1.Take a good night’s sleep.

Your body takes time to recharge itself, and the best way to recharge your body is to take a good night’s sleep. You must try that your recording session is not scheduled after a hectic day or the day after a late-night party. Scientific studies have experienced that the hours you sleep before midnight add extra comfort and quality to your sleep and make you feel more relaxed, thus adding quality to your voice.

2.Try to stay hydrated.

 Hydrating yourself does the same work for your throat as marinating does for meat. Just like marinating meat before cooking makes it juicier, and tasty hydrating yourself before your studio session will make your voice more clear, pleasant, and enjoyable. You can also add a lemon slice to your water; it will help you to break phlegm. But make sure that you should drink only lukewarm water or water at room temperature as drinking either too hot or too cold water will harm your throat instead of providing relief.

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3.Take a close watch on your eating habits.

 There are different types of food and beverages available, some of them can help you to clear your throat, and some can cause sour throat. You must know your body and notice such things which hinder your ability to perform well. Everyone has a different body, and their body reacts differently to different things. But the most common things that most singers recommend not to take before your recording sessions are – Dairy products, caffeine, and sugar.

4.Try to record yourself to practice on your own.

Everyone knows, “practice makes a man perfect.” Recording yourself and listen to it. It is a very important exercise for all the singers as listening to your recording will help you to identify those pick-up qualities that may not be known to you, and you can focus on them to make your session more successful.

5.Pamper your voice.

You must take care of your voice and protect it before going for a recording session. There are many ways to pamper your voice. Some of them are – avoid talking too much and doing extensive practice. Avoid alcohol, sugar and dairy products, etc.

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