How To Prevent Common Injuries Due To Garage Door Accident

How To Prevent Common Injuries Due To Garage Door Accident

When you glance at a garage door, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not “safety,” yet garage door accidents can happen. Let’s look at reality: garage doors cause about 30,000 accidents each year. Because they’re a popular addition or component of almost every house, they’re more prone to cause accidents simply by existing. Garage doors may also be hefty, weighing anything from a few dozen to over a hundred pounds.

Are you worried about your family members’ safety when they use the garage? What can you do to prevent any injuries caused by garage doors? Well, for any person, security is one of their prominent concerns. Therefore, you must take several steps to ensure that you’re safe from any garage door accidents. Continue reading to know how you can prevent these accidents from happening at your home or your workplace.

What safety measures can you apply to ensure garage door safety?

A garage door is made up of several distinct parts that work together to make it function. If one fails or malfunctions, it may endanger your and your family’s safety. Here are the frequent ways of garage door accidents and how to prevent them:

1.  The Garage Door Hits Someone As it Closes

Many garage doors now have sensors that identify a person in the garage door’s path and instantly halt or invert the door’s fall. While these detectors make aerial doors safer, one of the most frequent garage door accidents is when the door closes on someone. Accidents may occur when the sensors aren’t functioning correctly, another portion of the garage door breaks, or the door is an older type without a detector.

How to Prevent It

If you want to avoid a garage door from falling onto somebody, there are a few precautions you must take. To begin with, keep a watch on any youngsters and teach them about the dangers of a garage door. Even if the sensors are working, no one should ever try to rush beneath the door frame as it closes or opens. Second, you must understand how professional garage door repairs can prevent accidents. Call a garage door expert once a year to ensure that the garage door is in good working order. Before the doors become possible safety concerns, a professional can assess the situation and perform the required repairs.

The Garage Door Hits Someone As it Closes

2.  Pinched Fingers in the Garage Door

People get their fingers trapped in the garage door frames as it opens or closes another frequent garage door mishap that may result in serious injuries. This is a more frequent issue among kids, but it may also affect adults. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports many fatalities each year due to this tendency, even in garage doors that include an automatic reverse function.

How to Prevent It

If you put your fingers between the garage door parts to draw the garage door down, be careful. If your garage door does not have pinch-resistant joints, it is recommended to install lift handles or appropriate grasping points on the inside and bottom of the garage door. Even if your door has an activator, it will need to be mechanically operated on occasion. Do not put your fingers in the gaps between the door pieces.

Pinched Fingers in the Garage Door

3. Being Locked Out of Your Garage

Garage doors, as mentioned in the introduction, depending on many parts to function correctly. The hinges, which are accountable for the door’s rising and lowering, are essential components. However, the springs are troublesome since they may corrode, fracture, or loosen with time, leading to failure. While malfunctioning springs may harm you if an overhead door lowers suddenly, they can also prevent you from raising the door. It may trap you in your garage, and if you don’t have entry to your home from there (or if the entrance door is shut and you don’t have a key), you risk exhaustion and other ailments.

How to Prevent It

Have your springs examined and changed as required regularly. Many individuals try to replace the springs independently since it is a more costly fix. You shouldn’t repair such fixes since they are more complex and may further damage your garage door. A faulty torsion spring may also arise from a defective repair, causing the weight of an overhead door to collapse – possibly onto a person or private possessions.

Garage doors have changed incredibly in recent times, but they aren’t always completely secure. It’s essential to keep your garage door in good working order and to know about whom to contact when it’s time to repair or service it.

How to Prevent It

In Conclusion

Your garage door mechanism is the most oversized moving item in your house, and it is utilized almost every day. The tips mentioned above will protect you from most of the mishaps that can take place in your garage. Besides that, you should inspect the garage door system at least once a month for safety reasons. It is suggested that you get your system serviced by a qualified expert on an annual basis to maintain your door’s safe and smooth operation every day.

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