How to Recover Deleted Triggers in SQL Server in 2020- Explained

How to Recover Deleted Triggers in SQL Server in 2020- Explained

How to Recover Deleted Triggers in SQL Server Database


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  3. Methods to Restore Triggers
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There are two methods that you can follow to restore your deleted triggers in SQL Server. The first is to use the Backup and Restore Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio, and the second is to use professional software that will automate the recovery process for you.

In this article, we’ll dig into both the methods in a step-by-step manner and learn how to recover deleted triggers in SQL Server. But first, let’s have a look at what causes this deletion in the first place-

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How do Triggers Get Deleted from SQL Server

  1. Virus- Viruses are a cause of great concern for all the organizations today. And rightly so. New types of viruses are created every day that will corrupt your systems or deleted your files. Many such viruses are known to attack SQL Server databases too. In such a scenario, it is possible to lose important SQL data like SQL objects and sometimes even the whole database itself.
  2. Human Error- A lot of the times deletion and corruption happen due to simple errors. Remember, even the Titanic was sunk due to a human error. Running a wrong command or an incomplete script is all it takes for your database objects(Triggers in this case) to end up deleted.
  3. Power Outage- A sudden switching off of your system can result in data loss, not only for the SQL Server database but also in your system at large.
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Methods to Recover Deleted Triggers in SQL Server

Method#1: Restore Deleted Triggers Using Backup and Restore in SSMS

Follow the steps below to restore your deleted triggers in SQL Server-

  1. Launch SSMS and login to your database.
  2. Right-click on the database with lost triggers. Click on Tasks > Restore > Database.
  3. A dialogue box of Restore Database will show up.
  4. Click on From device in Source for restore Now, click on browse and select a backup file.
  5. Set the backup media to File in Specify Backup.
  6. Click on Add to a backup file. Then, click
  7. Click Options under Select a page panel in the Restore Database
  8. Set Restore options and Recovery state as per your requirement. Then, click on

Your backup, along with the deleted triggers, will be restored shortly.

Method#2: Recover Deleted Triggers using Enterprise Software

The method mentioned above, Backup and Restore in SSMS, is a lengthy process and what’s more, it only works if you have a backup in-hand before corruption or deletion has occurred. Furthermore, it will take back your database to a point of time where all the changes you’ve made up to now will be lost. So, to save your time and to keep your changes intact, you can use professional software, like SysTools Repair Tool, that will restore your deleted triggers(and other database objects) without the above-mentioned difficulties.

Follow these steps to recover deleted triggers in SQL Server database –

  • Install and Open the SysTools SQL Repair Tool.
  • Click Open and load the database files onto the software.
  • Select Quick Scan or Advance Scan for normal and deep scan, respectively.
  • Check the Auto Detect option to detect the SQL Server version automatically.
  • The software will preview the objects (Tables, Functions, Stored Procedures, Triggers, etc) created in the database file.
  • Click on Export to move the table’s data from one database to another.
  • Enter the SQL Server Name
  • Enter the SQL Server Name and Login Credentials, if you are using one.
  • Check to Create a new database option and enter a name for the database.
  • Now, choose to export the MDF file With the Only Schema or With Schema & Data.
  • After a successful export, you will see ‘Export Completed‘ on your window. Click
  • Now click The tool will ask whether you want to save the details of the export. Click Yes if you want to.In this way, your deleted triggers will be recovered.
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Key Takeaways

Deletion of database objects like Triggers is a common occurrence and faced by many database administrators around the world daily.

To get around this problem, you can use the backup and restore method in SSMS. This method, however, eats up a lot of time and is not preferable for people in a hurry.  The second method that you can take up is to use a professional tool that will do the recovery for you. I hope this article helped you learn how to recover deleted triggers in SQL Server.


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