How to Study for UPSC Online

How to Study for UPSC Online

There is indeed no doubt about the fact that UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the history of India which is conducted each year. People across the country look forward to appearing for the exam. The proportion of seats: applicants have a huge delta, which makes the competition tougher.

Clearing the UPSC exam is the dream of many people; as the number of candidates appearing for the exam is increasing day by day, and the seats are limited, the competition becomes tough. However, one needs to have a clear goal and dedication to clear the exam. UPSC exam is conducted to recruit for 24 services, including IFS, IAS, etc.

How should you start UPSC preparation?

UPSC Civil Services Exam includes 3 stages. They are:

  • Preliminary Exam
  • Main Exam
  • Interview

The technological advancement and introduction of Reliance Jio in the market have given rise to the internet era. Whether you want to prepare for UPSC or any other government exam, the course material is available online that too for free. There are two ways in which you can prepare for the ups exam one is self-study, other is joining the best UPSC online course; the choice is yours. Both options will be explored in this article.


If you are a self-motivated person, you may go for self-study; it works equally well. YouTube is full of channels that provide free quality content for current affairs, which will help you clear your main exam. You may refer to some good books from renowned authors do some research to select the best book for aptitude.

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You can also study online as there is innumerable free content for aptitude on the internet. Whether you join the online UPSC course or do self-study, you should not forget to give a mock test. It helps to analyze the performance and identify the areas in which you need to work hard.

Join the best UPSC online course:

If you are looking to join coaching for UPSC exam preparation, do your research and go for the best one. Make a list of all the institutions providing coaching and take their number from the internet.

Find some basic information like the price of the course, duration, and the number of mocks given by the institution. Read some online reviews are ask your friend who has the same goal; this will help you choose better. Once you select the UPSC Online Course, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Enroll in the class and don’t miss out on any lectures

Step 2: Make a timetable and decide your daily goal

Step 3: Buy the books recommended by the teacher of your coaching institute

Step 4: Prepare with UPSC side by side along with prelims

Step 5: Practice answer writing for mains and evaluate it

Step 6 Prepare your biodata for the interview and make sure to take a mock interview; this will improve your communication.

Mind-Blowing Tip to The UPSC Aspirants:

Instead of raiding through dozens of books, stick to one author. Focussing on Quality over Quantity is the need of the hour. Also, ‘Consistency’ is the key to success to make sure that you reach a little closer to your goals every day and ace through the whole process smoothly.

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