How to Use the Colour Candle Strategy with the Martingale System on Binomo

How to Use the Colour Candle Strategy with the Martingale System on Binomo

Trading dependent on Colour Candle Strategy with the Martingale System is one of the effective procedures for fruitful trading.

There are several things that can hurry your approach to fruitful exchanging. You need a trading plan, tight emotional control, and a successful strategy, among others. In addition, there are a lot of indicators designed to help you hunt for the best entry points. The indicators will show shifts in trading volume, trend inversions, or whether the trend will proceed in a similar way. However, the indicator estimates are depending on past prices. Sometimes this creates a delay in signal processing. Perhaps some traders do not want to waste valuable seconds. For them, the colour candle system with the martingale strategy on binomo is one of the best ideas to make profit.

Martingale System and Colour Candle Strategy 

The Martingale system is an investment strategy in which the dollar estimation of investments persistently rises after losses, or the size of the asset increases with a portfolio size decreasing. The key concept behind the Martingale scheme is that theoretically, you can’t lose constantly, and thus, in expectation of a potential risk, you can raise the sum invested in assets – regardless of whether they are declining in esteem. Often comparing the Martingale approach to casino gaming. A Martingale trading strategy would essentially go like this: suppose you are investing x amount and losing the exchange. You are raising your next investment to 2x. You are losing the exchange once again. Again, you are raising it to 4x. A winning deal, in the end. The phase begins over again, which means you can begin with a little sum of your next investment, a similar sum you put resources into the start.

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A candlestick is a type of price chart used in technical analysis which shows the high, low, open, and closing prices of a security over a given time period. It is the fundamental technique of colour candles. Candlesticks represent investor sentiment’s impact on security rates, which are used by technical analysts to decide when to enter which exchanges leave. Traders may use candlestick signals to track any and all market times including day by day or hourly periods – even for the market day’s minute-long intervals. Long white/green candlesticks show that the buying pressure is strong; this usually demonstrates that cost is bullish. A long white candle would likely have more value in the event that it structures at a high level of price support. Long black/red candlesticks show the sales pressure is high. This indicates bearish on the market. A common bullish candlestick inversion pattern, called a hammer, structures when value moves significantly lower after the open, at that point rallies to close approach to the peak. The Bearish counterpart candlestick is regarded as a hanging man.

Colour Candle Strategy at Binomo with Martingale System 

  • The principal rule is to distinguish the candle that you are going to follow and wait until its closure. The role you are trading next should be based on the color of the candle.

Suppose I get a decent bearish candle to myself. I will be entering a 5-minute sale spot directly after it closes. This is until the lower ends of the next candle. In the event that the trade fails, at that point, I will always go into the same place in which the next candle will open. I will continue to do that until I see another candle of the same colour.

  • The subsequent guideline is to exchange between green candles and red candles in your trades. For example, in the event that I enter a purchase position and it brings about benefits, I will stop trading for some time. First, I’ll stand until a red candle grows, and afterward, I’ll move into a selling role.
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Candles to Avoid 

Despite the fact that this technique can be used on any candle theoretically, it still works best on a particular form, specifically the ones with an enormous genuine body and minimal to no wicks. On the other hand, special candles ought to be avoided as far as possible, because they are much more difficult to predict accurately. You should always join trades at the next candle’s open, as well, and all exchanges should last 5 minutes. 


A method of trading that relies only on candle colours is not too hard to apply. The biggest benefit is you needn’t bother with any extra indicators. You just have to look at the candles on the chart that grow. Recall entering the trade only when the true candle appears. Special candle trading isn’t the right idea here. It could literally lead to needless cash loss. The full-bodied candles that show up on the price chart are what you need to concentrate on. Hold the open place for as long as one candle’s time. Using the Martingale method in combination with the colour-based trading strategy in Binomo may appear to be risky as it needs you to lift the sum you are investing in the consecutive transaction, but it helps you to recover the losses incurred.

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