Is It Worth Studying Interaction Design (UX/UI) In 2021?

Is It Worth Studying Interaction Design (UX/UI) In 2021?

User Interaction and User Experience is a rapidly growing vocation, one in need of creative minds that have a good perception of design, graphics, and human behaviour. If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a UI/UX designer, read on to find out the scope, benefits, and other essential facts.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

The aim of User Interaction and User Experience is to create a visually appealing product so easy to use that the user can operate it at the first attempt. UI/UX has rapidly grown into an established vocation in this digital age. The process requires developing a product such as a website or a mobile application to render a meaningful and pleasing experience in functionality, usability, design, and application.

A UI/UX designer balances the visual appeal and functionality of a product. They conduct extensive research to understand the need of their audience. They design the wireframe against which the actual product will be built and conduct usability tests to improve it.

Scope of UI/UX designer in India

An average Indian spends about 7 hours a day on their phone. This is proof enough of the increasing demand for user experience and user interaction designers. UI/UX designers can easily find immense opportunities in this escalated market demand for digital products.

UI/UX designing has a massive scope in India. In the past five to six years, the country has become aggressive with its digital presence. In this digital age, a brand without an internet presence has practically negligible opportunity to grow. User interaction has come to the forefront, as lead conversion is highly dependent on a consumer’s experience of the website or mobile application.

Different job profiles in the UI/UX industry

There are many different jobs profiles that you can pursue as a UI/UX designer. We would be discussing the most common avenues. Most of these jobs require a diploma or degree in user interaction design course. However, if you are determined to burgeon in this industry, explore masters in interaction design course for a more fulfilling career.

User Researcher

A user researcher conducts and analyses the needs of a product’s target audience. They offer insights into the design process and help improve the product.

Wireframe Expert

A wireframe expert builds the basic structure of the product. They take into account the functionality in terms of user needs and journey. They form the product’s skeleton or blueprint. It is this framework to which the visual content and design are added.

Visual designer

Visual designers take care of the aesthetic aspect of the digital product. They create the product’s concept and design the artwork and layout based on user requirements and client needs. They are responsible for the look and feel of the interface.

Product Designer

A product designer is responsible for the entire product. They work with coders, designers, and developers to define the product’s need, the wireframe, the design, process, coding, testing, quality check, bug removal, and continuous improvement.

How much do UI/UX designers earn?

The mean salary of a UI/UX designer in India is about Rs. 7 lakhs per annum. However, this number depends on the job profile, the designer’s experience and skillset, and their educational background. As your knowledge level and experience increases, so will your salary and career prospects.

In conclusion

UI/UX is a massively expanding vocation with innumerable job opportunities. It combines a professional’s creative, analytical, design, and software skills to create a product that meets user requirements. With the right education and experience, you can excel in this career and grow as rapidly as the increasing demand.


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