Biggest Web Design Trends 2021 – Read Or Missout

Biggest Web Design Trends 2021 – Read Or Missout

With the mess that the pandemic brought into our lives, 2020 was officially announced as the unholy year of the century. While many lost their jobs altogether, others were forced to work from home.

By and by, everyone adjusted to the new way of living, and the Internet came alive with everyone going online for all their needs.

Courtesy of 2020, today almost every business is operating online and that has brought in a lot of competition. You can’t win if you do just about what everyone else is doing – you have to add that extra element that no one else can think of.

A unique web design becomes the identity of your brand – and that identity must be impactful if it has to be remembered and engaged with. So if you want to dominate the online space, you must be aware of these biggest web design trends in 2021.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax is a form of optical illusion wherein the objects in front seem to be moving faster than objects in the background.

The best real-life example of such an effect can be seen when looking out a window during a train or bus ride. You will notice the objects closer to you seem to be moving way faster than objects far away.

The biggest advantage of parallax scrolling is its interactive nature and ability to create engagement with the users. It’s a vivid way to tell your story and capture the attention of the viewer.

Bringing back retro

There are some styles that always make a comeback for some reason – be it the charisma of that style or just the plain old nostalgia. Modern designs are sure great, but the fascination with the past never goes away.

Retro style is ruling the web design industry today and it’s one of the biggest website trends that’ll rule 2021. For some people or companies, it’s just nostalgia, while for others a way of making bold statements.

The biggest attraction of bold 80’s and 90’s retro look in web designs is that people are now getting bored of the usual luxury, polished websites. Everything and everyone needs change.

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The next biggest web design trend that will keep maintaining its hold of designers around the world in 2021 is minimalism, sometimes also called “flat design”.

Minimalist websites aren’t a new trend, they’ve been around for a while – and they will rule even 2021 trends! A minimalist website is naturally luxurious looking, classy, and fuss-free without becoming boring in any way.

Designers are now experimenting with colorful minimalism to revolutionize the good old “white space” idea that’s been stuck with it.

Website loading speed

Given that heavy visual elements like graphics, animation, etc., have taken over the websites today, a new problem has presented itself – slow website loading speed.

Most of the website visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. As per a report by, 88.5% of users said they leave a website if it loads slowly.

So if you want to make sure your visitors actually enjoy your website and that amazing and detailed animation you added, it has to load fast enough.

The third dimension

With the competition tearing the online businesses apart, you have to do all you can to stand out from the others and shine.

Interactive 3D elements are one of the biggest web design trends in 2021 that most diligent and smart websites are using to stay ahead in their game.

3D elements will give an added dimension to your designs and breathe life into your website. Don’t forget to experiment with this!

Soft, relaxing colors

The use of subdued, soft, and relaxing colors is easy on the eyes and evokes natural feelings of comfort.

Although many are already preferring quiet pastels over bold colors, this web design trend is knocking louder at the door of 2021.

These soft color schemes in websites make it easier for the increasingly digital world to feel wholesome calmness and relax while surfing a website.

Gaussian Blur

The ‘blurry’ effect is another web design trend that will shape 2021. It’s because of the same reasons why people prefer minimalist websites, soft colors, and more white space – it reduces the visual noise.

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Gaussian blur is very useful if you want to keep an element without it taking over the whole website’s focus. Gaussian blurs are used often to deliver the related visual content in the background.

But that’s not all of it – if used properly, this also helps in bringing the focus to a desired element of the website and highlighting it. So how are you planning to use this?

The dark mode

Oh, the dark days of pandemic! The constant need to be online, attend Zoom meetings, and all in all increased screen-time has made dark mode a necessity.

Given the fact that most people are now working from home, the dark mode has become the latest web design trend that’s getting a lot of love for saving the eyes of the viewers.

Following the remote work trend, most websites are considerately adding the option of dark mode in their websites. So don’t forget to give your viewers easy access to eye protection – dark mode. It’s easy to integrate, you just have to hire dedicated developers to get your job done.


If you take the time to visit the websites of leading companies, you will see that unique font is one of the leading web design trends in 2021. Using the correct font with a correct background can create a strong impact on the viewer.

Different types of fonts communicate different kinds of moods to your viewer. For example, comic sans will communicate a playful mood while and san serif can communicate the seriousness of the content.

Bold typography is especially trending today with most big brands using it in a way that makes the written text an image of its own.


Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the biggest web design trends in 2021, which ones do you think you are going to use for your own website?

Being aware of what’s stealing the show in 2021 will help your website rule the Internet with ease amid all the crazy competition out there. So stay connected for more amazing updates!

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