Job description of a flooring contractor: What does a flooring contractor do?

Job description of a flooring contractor: What does a flooring contractor do?

Hiring professionals to install flooring in your new home is of utmost importance instead of handling it solo. A flooring contractor understands the technicality of the floor, how to use the right material, and the accurate combination to make things work and be in the right place.

Also, flooring enhances your home’s beauty, especially when hiring professionals to install flooring in your home. Generally, it’s important to know the credentials of the contractor in general, identify red flags, behavior, and a fair price rate.

A flooring contractor in a general sense handles the designing and complete creation of the home flooring system or residence. They are able to determine the most cost-effective resources to use for the job thereby saving the client time and money.

It is important to mention here that an excellent flooring contractor is different from a general mercenary contractor. Their major focus is often on flooring and thus it develops their keen eye for detail, organizational skills, and ensuring that every piece of the installment fits like a glove and is easy to manage for a better foundation on the floor.

Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll zoom in more on the job description of a flooring contractor: what a flooring contractor does. First, is there any difference between a general contractor and a flooring contractor?

Let’s find out.

Flooring Contractor Versus a General work Contractor

In a nutshell, general work contractors are regarded as a jack of all trades professionals with a vast wealth of knowledge in a set of skills and home improvement abilities including plumbing, flooring, HVAC installation, electrical works, and the rest.

General contractors typically handle the inspection of a new home all the time since they are able to identify faults in the building and what can be done to salvage the different areas that are affected. On the other hand, a flooring contractor is a specialist who discusses only the aspect of floor installation.

Their main job description is to install the flooring system of the home. One can equally trust them to install, repair and remove any kind of damaged flooring in the home or one that is not aesthetically pleasing.

Most certified flooring contractors work with flooring estimating software to ease the task of estimating the resources needed to complete the job and get it done without any hitches.

Who is a flooring contractor?

A flooring contractor is a person or an agency that works with hired contractors on payroll including flooring contractors. Generally, the flooring contractor may decide to work with specific types of flooring materials or master the art of using all the flooring contractors that are needed for each house or floor.

Flooring coverings like linoleum, vinyl, carpet, tile, stone, and other hardwood materials are what flooring contractors may work with depending on their expertise and experience with working with those.

Flooring contractors often work with building contractors or house owners who choose to hire them for a job on their building, house, or company floors. Also, it is up to the flooring contractor to buy the flooring contractors. Receive them from the owners if they decide to buy them themselves, prepare these flooring coverings, and refine and repair the flooring materials in existence.

Besides installing new floor coverings, flooring contractors are often hired to take care of and restore the finishings of existing historic coverings for the floor especially when it holds a special meaning for the owners.

This includes certain flooring coverings and hardwood coverings for the floor such as tiles or stones for the floor. Flooring contractors often handle the installation of flooring covering which enables homeowners to focus on other important areas of their life without worrying about installing the floor coverings themselves.

Required Credentials For A Flooring Contractor

Every flooring contractor that wants to be hired for any flooring installation, removal, or finishing should possess certain necessary credentials that showcase that they are professional.

Homeowners are constantly on the look for a flooring contractor, however, one must ensure that the flooring contractor is a certified professional. The license for a flooring contractor can be gotten from the state licensing board depending on what state you reside in. Example: Georgia.Gov issues licenses through the Licensing Board in charge.

On the other hand, subcontractors like electricians receive their licenses through the construction industry license board in charge. In some states, contractors do not necessarily need to be licensed to work as flooring contractors.

Every flooring contractor can also verify that their license is valid by visiting the license section of the secretary of state website depending on their residency. A certified contractor can be hired for a job as long as they have a valid license.

Job description of a flooring contractor: What does a flooring contractor do?

There is a variety of jobs that the flooring contractor can handle for homes, offices, and historic centers depending on their areas of specialization and skills.

Flooring Covering Removal

Before a flooring covering is installed in a new home, the flooring contractor needs to remove the existing flooring covering. Most flooring contractors offer these services of removal and fresh installation.

Most people often attempt to install new flooring coverings over the existing ones but industry experts and professionals are not in support of this option since it is not a wise option.

Depending on the flooring covering whether carpets, tiles, vinyl, linoleum, or lamination, the flooring contractor should remove the existing flooring covering before installing a new flooring covering on the floor for better quality and result and even a long-lasting effect.

Flooring Covering Repair

On some occasions, flooring coverings need a repair instead of a brand new flooring covering. The flooring contractor, if they are professionals can take a look at the flooring covering and decide that the flooring covering is still good to go.

For flooring covering repairs and replacement services, the contractor may replace or fix the flooring panels on the floors to look better. Now, if the existing style of the flooring covering looks great and is good to go, you may ask the flooring contractor to repair them and keep the current coverage that you have. This saves cost for you and retains your aesthetic.

Flooring Covering Installation

Flooring covering installation is one of the most requested services that flooring contractors often offer to their clients. So, whether the homeowner needs a new installation at their new home or just needs to replace the flooring covering and give a fresh new look to the home or office, a flooring contractor or professional is ready to handle them and give your home a  better aesthetic.

Flooring contractors can also offer to handle the removal and installation altogether for homes and offices.  So, the flooring contractor just needs to have access to the building home or office and take away the existing flooring coverings, which could be tiles, vinyl, carpet, or wood, and other new flooring coverings that the home wonder prefers.

Homeowners who need to save money can decide to remove old flooring coverings and also buy new flooring covering themselves. If you trust the flooring contractor, you can entrust them with the means to buy the flooring covering themselves. Doing so might save you more money than purchasing the flooring coverings yourself.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a handy person and great with installations, you can decide to remove the flooring coverings and buy the new flooring coverings while the flooring contractor installs them for you since they are a little more technical to handle.

All that the flooring contractor needs to do is to measure the footage, some of them even use estimation software and then issue an invoice containing your quote for the services they will be offering to your home.

Certain questions you must ask your flooring contractor:

These are specific questions you need to ask your flooring contractor before committing the task to their hands and signing the contract to start the job.

  • The types of flooring covering they specialize in:
  • Do they use any estimation software for measurement”
  • How do they charge their fees
  • Do they charge for flooring installation based on the linear or square footage?
  • Do they charge for the price of materials including the services that they offer?
  • Do they remove old floor coverings and do they charge separately for it?
  • Will they clean out the furniture on the floor or work when it is cleared out

How Do You Know If The Flooring Contractor Is A Right Fit for You

There are always stories of unprofessional and bad deliveries when dealing with flooring contractors and as a result, the hiring party should ensure that the flooring contractor comes highly recommended. Before hiring a contractor, you need to seek the recommendations of other people and find out what they have to say concerning the person.

You can start by asking the contractors that worked in your home, friends and family, or even the hardware store in your neighborhood.


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